39 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Solve Your Annoying Fashion Problems

by Julia O'Donnell

A stain on a white blouse, bra straps digging in at the shoulders, or heels that cause blisters — from time to time, even the most glamorous among us are plagued by unexpected wardrobe issues. Occasional mishaps are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we should accept annoyance, pain, or discomfort at the hands of fashion — not without putting up a fight. Luckily, Amazon is teeming with smart, innovative items that solve all your most annoying fashion problems, and discovering those items for yourself is as easy as clicking through this list.

Some of the things you’ll find here are new-and-improved versions of timeless wardrobe staples, while others are designed to extend the life of pieces that are already in your closet. There’s items here to fit any fashion lover’s lifestyle, whether you encounter most of your fashion-related problems at work, at the gym, or at home while doing laundry. Even if you can’t think of any recurring gripes when it comes to clothing, that doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate many of the items here. In fact, you’ll likely find that the items on this list solve problems you didn’t even know you had. So go ahead, keep reading — and get ready for your life to become a whole lot easier.

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1. A Sturdy Organizer That Protects The Inside Of Your Bag From Stains And Spills

Not only will this bag organizer keep your wallet, phone, cosmetics, and other essentials neat and organized inside your purse, it will also protect your bag’s interior from leaks, stains, and other damage. It’s made with thick, luxurious felt that feels super sturdy inside your bag, and is available in three sizes. Choose from several colors, including black, beige, chocolate, and cranberry.

2. A Versatile Summer Romper With Pockets Roomy Enough To Replace Your Handbag

While women have been begging designers to give us functional pockets for years, it's still relatively rare to find chic, stylish clothing with a place to stash your essentials. Roomy hidden pockets aren't the only thing to love about this soft, breathable knit romper, though ⁠— it's also timeless and versatile enough to wear anywhere, as comfortable as your favorite pajamas, and affordable enough to buy one in every color (there's 26 options). What more is there to say? Available sizes: S-XL

3. This Double-Sided Fashion Tape To Prevent Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

Once you’ve tried this super-strong, double-sided fashion tape, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to survive without it. Think of it as duct tape’s more style-conscious cousin — the possible applications are essentially endless. Use it to secure plunging necklines, conceal visible undergarments, or even to create a temporary hem on long skirts or dresses. Reviewers say it’s super effective and easy to use and lasts a long time: “I wore it for hours and danced and moved, and it didn’t budge,” one reported.

4. These No-Show Socks That Keep Your Feet Cool And Won’t Slip Around On Hard Floors

What sets these no-show socks apart from the competition is their silicone grip at the heel and elastic around the edge, helping them stay put and hidden under your shoes. The cotton and spandex construction is thin, comfortable, and breathable, so you won’t have to deal with slippery, sweaty feet. The socks are available in a variety of colors, and come in packs of four or eight.

5. A Simple Bracelet That Holds Your Hair Elastic

It's always a good idea to keep a hair tie on you, but wearing it on your wrist can cut off your circulation and create a painful red indentation. These simple, elegant bracelets not only protect your wrist, they make your regular elastic hair tie look so much more polished. They're made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel, and are available in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold.

6. An Effective Lint Roller That’s Compact Enough To Stash In Your Purse

Nothing is more chic than a simple, all-black outfit. What’s not so chic, though? An all-black outfit that’s covered in pet hair or lint. This refillable, retractable lint roller is compact enough to stash in your purse, your desk drawer, or your glove box, so you’ll never be without it. It comes with 30 sticky adhesive sheets that pick up fuzz, hair, and lint without damaging your clothing. Plus, the sheets are made of 100 percent recycled paper, and the roller is refillable.

7. A Moisture-Wicking Tee To Keep You Fresh And Dry At The Gym

This quick-drying, moisture-wicking V-neck tee isn’t just for the gym — it’s also great for hot summer days or to layer under a blazer or cardigan in a stuffy office. It’s made with soft, stretchy fabric and comes in several versatile colors, including fun hues like heather pink and pale blue, plus classic neutrals like black, white, and grey. Available sizes: S-3XL

8. An Easy Way To Look Stylish When You’re Growing Out Your Bangs

Whether you’re growing out bangs or fighting summer frizz, this on-trend pearl-encrusted headband is a chic, sophisticated way to keep your hair neat and out of your face. Made of soft velvet with a cute knot detail on top, it’s available in nine different colors, including chocolate, cream, and watermelon.

9. A Miracle Spray That Prevents Blisters & Irritation In Your Uncomfortable Shoes

Blisters and irritation caused by uncomfortable (but super cute) shoes may be the number one problem all fashion people can relate to. This protective foot spray is almost too good to be true — spray it on your feet before putting on shoes, paying special attention to problem areas like the backs of your heels, and it’ll create a flexible barrier to prevent redness, blisters, and discomfort before they arise. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

10. A Soft, Cozy Sweatshirt That Actually Looks Grown-Up

Simple and soft, this chic hooded pullover proves you don't have to sacrifice style when you're feeling lazy. It's got all the easy, snuggly comfort of your favorite worn-out hoodie, but the simple silhouette, relaxed V-neckline, and sophisticated solid color makes it a touch more polished. Made of a soft, breathable blend of cotton, modal, and spandex blend, it'll pair perfectly with slouchy boyfriend jeans and chunky booties, bike shorts and sporty slides, or skinny yoga pants and retro sneakers. Available sizes: XS-XXL

11. A Special Sponge To Remove Those Dreaded White Deodorant Stains

This deodorant-removing sponge solves a problem that's all too familiar — after pulling a fitted black top or dress over your head, you realize conspicuous white deodorant stains are covering your clothing like tiger stripes. The pink sponge is specially formulated to quickly and easily erase deodorant marks, without using any water. It's also great for removing makeup and other minor stains without ruining your outfit.

12. These Authentic-Looking Jeggings That Are As Comfortable As Leggings

While the non-stretch denim trend has its time and place, the soft, easy comfort of leggings can't be beat. These classic skinny jeggings give you the best of both worlds — thoughtful styling details create an authentic denim look, while the soft, stretchy material makes them just as comfortable as your favorite leggings. They're available in seven versatile colors, with three different inseam lengths to ensure you get a perfect fit. Available sizes: 0-20

13. These Ingenious Caps To Instantly Repair Worn-Out High Heels

It’s an age-old problem: You reach for your favorite pair of heels to wear before an event, only to discover you’ve totally worn the heel into the ground. These subtle heel caps are the perfect solution — just slip them onto the end of your heel to keep them from getting even more damaged (and to buy you time before you take them to the shoemaker). They come in black and taupe, and in seven different sizes to fit any type of heel.

14. A Blazer That’s Versatile Enough To Wear From The Office To Happy Hour

Simple and sophisticated, this versatile open-front blazer is perfect for those jam-packed days when you don't have time to change up your outfit after work. Layer it over a cute black cami and black skinnies for work, then afterwards, add some oversized gold hoops and red lipstick to glam up the look for happy hour or date night. The fitted silhouette and buttonless design give it a polished, feminine look that's super easy to style — you may end up buying one in all six colors. Available sizes: 4-6 — 20-22

15. A Travel-Ready Sewing Kit That’ll Be A Godsend During Fashion Emergencies

This deluxe, travel-friendly sewing kit makes it easy to fix wardrobe malfunctions like broken straps, split seams, and loose buttons no matter where you are. Small enough to stash in your purse or desk drawer, the compact, zippered bag is packed with all the supplies you'll need for any basic sewing project: needles, scissors, pins, a seam ripper, buttons, and 14 spools of thread in a rainbow of colors.

16. These Hidden Foot Petals That Make Any Pair Of Heels Way More Comfortable

Place these cushions in your highest pair of heels, and they'll instantly be much more comfortable to walk in. They help relieve pressure at the balls of your feet, absorbing the everyday shock that occurs when you walk or stand in high heels, and prevent your toes from sliding forward. Each petal has a sticky adhesive backing that attaches securely to your shoe, so they won't slip around under your feet.

17. A Stain-Removing Spot Treatment That You Can Stash In Your Carry-On

If you're the kind of person who has trouble avoiding stains or spills for more than five minutes at a time, this stain-removing laundry soap bar is for you. Made with entirely non-toxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free ingredients, its solid bar form means it's safe to stash in your carry-on when traveling. "It smells amazing, and even though it’s small, it lasts quite a while," one reviewer reported.

18. A Cult-Favorite Lint Shaver To Freshen Up Pill-Covered, Fuzzy Sweaters

With over 53,000 five-star ratings and reviews, this powerful lint shaver is an unexpected cult-favorite on Amazon. Reviewers are obsessed with how it efficiently removes those pesky balls of lint and fuzz that tend to accumulate on sweaters and other knitwear. It's not just for sweaters, either — use it on upholstered furniture, curtains, rugs, and more.

19. This Ultra-Comfy Wireless Bra With Over 2,500 Glowing Five-Star Reviews

If you’re the type of person who can barely wait until you’re through the door before taking off your bra, you’ll love this cult-favorite wireless bra. Made with soft, molded foam cups without minimal padding, it has wide, supportive straps that won’t dig in and a sturdy, comfortable back that’s specially designed to stay firmly in place. “The most comfortable bra I have ever owned,” one happy reviewer gushed. “I have told every woman I know about these bras,” wrote another. Available sizes: 32B-42DD

20. These Nifty Clips That Turns Your Favorite Bra Into A Convertible One

An innovative solution to a pesky problem, these bra clips neatly turn any regular bra into a racerback one. They make it super easy to conceal your bra straps underneath your tops, and they’re also great for lifting your chest by tightening stretched-out, worn-out bra straps that have grown loose over time. They come in a pack of either three or nine, with black, white, or beige color options. They’ve accumulated over 750 five-star reviews on Amazon, with reviewers saying they’re “sturdy,” “invisible,” and “easy to use.”

21. These Soft, Stretchy Yoga Pants With A Sturdy Pocket For Your Phone

Anyone who enjoys listening to headphones while working out will love these soft, stretchy yoga pants. The roomy hidden pockets at each side are secure and sturdy enough to hold your phone, even as you're running, jumping, and doing HIIT. Plus, they come in a rainbow of fun colors to match all your favorite workout tops, including black, pink, heather grey, and peacock green. "They fit, look and feel like some of the really expensive brands, but the price is GREAT," one happy reviewer raved. Available sizes: XS-XXL

22. A Versatile Pair Of Heels That Are Actually Comfortable Enough For Everyday Wear

There are certain signs that a pair of heels will actually be comfortable enough for all day wear, and these chic, simple high heels have all of them. Chunky block heels keep your feet sturdy and supportive, and a sensible 2-inch height won't make you teeter. Plus, the ankle strap helps keep the shoe from slipping on your feet, and the relatively roomy toe area won't pinch your toes. Available sizes: 5-11

23. A Strapless Bra For Larger Busts That Has Over 1,000 Glowing Reviews

Finding a strapless bra that actually provides enough support for larger cup sizes can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This sturdy, supportive strapless bra for large busts has accumulated over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, with hundreds of reviewers saying it’s the best they’ve ever tried. It’s designed with hidden stays to anchor the sides and back, with silicone at the neckline to hold it in place. “Who knew a strapless bra could be both supportive and comfortable?!” one happy reviewer gushed. Available sizes: 30D-44G

24. These Timeless Chino Shorts That Are Long Enough To Wear In A Professional Setting

It can be difficult to find shorts with a relatively long inseam, and the ones that are available are often rather dowdy. These classic chino shorts, however, manage to make their 5-inch inseam look timelessly chic. Made of 100 percent cotton with a mid-rise, classic fit, they're available in 23 fun colors and prints, ranging from classic khaki to bright, whimsy pineapples. Available sizes: 0-20

25. A Pair Of Yoga Pants That Will Fit Like They Were Made Just For You

Finding the perfect yoga pants can be challenging — one pair is too short, another is too long, and another has a skimpy waistband that stretches out over time. With these customizable yoga pants, you’ll be able to select a color, inseam length, and waistband style that perfectly suits your taste, at a price point that can’t be beat. Made with high-quality, moisture-wicking material that’s super breathable and moves with your body, these may give your more expensive pair a run for their money. Available sizes: XS-3X

26. A Silky Soft, Fitted Slip To Wear Under Sheer Dresses

A good quality, well-fitting slip is an simple investment that will instantly expand your options when getting dressed every morning. Layer this super-soft slip dress under anything in your closet that's a bit too sheer or clingy to wear on its own. It's made of silky, breathable bamboo viscose, a eco-friendly, satin-like material that wicks away moisture and feels cool to the touch. Plus, it makes the perfect chic nightgown for lounging around the house — try ordering a fun color like peach, wine, or powder blue. Available sizes: S-2X

27. A Pair Of Comfy Bike Shorts To Wear Under Short Dresses And Skirts

Worn on their own, bike shorts are one of the season's hottest trends, but they're also great for layering under short summer dresses and skirts. These stretchy cotton bike shorts are perfect for that purpose — they're lightweight and breathable enough to keep you cool in warm weather, and thin and short enough to be invisible under your clothes. Choose from two versatile colors, black or heather grey. Available sizes: S-XXL

28. A Soothing Anti-Friction Balm To Prevent Blisters When You’re Breaking In New Shoes

Once you've tried this blister-blocking foot balm, you'll likely wonder how you ever managed to survive without it. Made with hypoallergenic, all-natural ingredients, the balm effectively blocks chafing, soreness, and blisters from stiff shoes. It's free of fragrance, chemicals, or parabens, and comes in a small, compact tube small enough to carry in your purse. "I can't believe how effective this balm is in preventing blisters," one reviewer gushed. "I even feel like it makes my feet softer when I use it."

29. An Super-Effective Laundry Whitener To Brighten Up White Clothing

If your white clothes or linens have seen better days, this ultra-effective fabric whitener is a great way to make them a crisp, bright white again. Add it to a load of white laundry, or for more stubborn stains, use it as a pre-laundry soak — it'll erase yellowing, rust stains, color bleeds, dinginess, and more. It's safer to use on white clothing than regular bleach, and is especially effective at removing stains from red clay or dirt.

30. These Cult-Favorite Lace Bands That Prevent Chafing Between Your Thighs

These lace thigh bands have managed to garner almost 3,300 glowingly positive reviews on Amazon, earning an overall rating of four stars. And what's not to love? They prevent the uncomfortable chafing caused by your thighs rubbing together — and they're chic, too. Made of stretchy, substantial nylon, they're designed with a two non-slip silicone strips to ensure they stay up. Choose from solid mesh or lacy styles in a variety of different colors, including sand, wine, chocolate, and black.

31. A Super-Powerful Portable Steamer With Over 3,000 Glowing Five-Star Reviews

While a steamer may not feel like a particularly glamorous investment, using one is an easy way to make any outfit instantly look more polished. This cult-favorite portable steamer is one of the most highly reviewed models on Amazon, accumulating over 3,000 five-star reviews. It heats up in only 70 seconds, is small enough to pack in your suitcase, and can be used for between seven and 10 minutes before the tank needs to be refilled.

32. These Cute Hair Elastics That Won’t Leave A Dent In Your Hair

There's several reasons to consider switching to these spiral-style hair ties in place of regular elastic ones. Unlike regular elastic hair ties, these won't break, bend, or otherwise damage your strands. The innovative spiral design spreads out pressure and tension caused by the elastic, making it much gentler. That means you'll never suffer from cut-off circulation and a red, painful mark after wearing these on your wrist. Plus, they'll never cause the dreaded "ponytail dent," even after wearing your hair tied back for hours.

33. An Innovative Repair Kit That Makes It Easy To Fix Broken Zippers At Home

A broken zipper can render an otherwise perfect garment completely useless. This nifty zipper repair kit makes it quick and easy to fix broken zippers at home. The kit contains 11 replacement sliders, four bottom stops, and six top stops — the only other thing you'll need is a small pliers. "Repairing your own zippers is a cake walk and honestly a game changer," one happy reviewer gushed. "The guide that came with was very helpful!"

34. A Buttery, Expensive-Looking Tote That Looks Exactly Like Real Leather

If you're trying to avoid using animal products, one of the trickiest items to replace may be your leather tote. This soft, buttery vegan leather tote bag looks exactly like an expensive version made of real leather — and the budget-friendly price tag doesn't hurt, either. Plus, it's spacious enough for your laptop, wallet, makeup bag, and other essentials, and then some. Choose from 12 chic color options, including black, beige, slate grey, and pink.

35. These Invisible Sizers To Adjust A Ring That's Too Big

These discreet, invisible ring sizers make it easy to adjust a too-big ring to fit your finger. The idea is simple, but incredibly effective — which may explain why these sizers are incredibly popular, with over 1,700 five-star reviews. They're completely transparent, and completely invisible when your ring is on your finger. Plus, they're super easy to adjust, install, and remove, giving you lots of flexibility. "It's super versatile because you can add as little or much as you need to get the perfect size," one reviewer reported.

36. An Anti-Theft Backpack That’s *So* Chic

It can be surprisingly challenging to find a secure backpack that's actually stylish. This elegant backpack is the perfect size to stash your iPad and other essentials, without feeling overly bulky or heavy, and its hidden interior pocket keeps your valuables secure. It's made of soft, buttery vegan leather in a variety of gorgeous colors, including camel, chocolatey brown, and steel grey.

37. These Ultra-Popular Skinny Jeans That Come In Three Different Lengths

Maybe you're tired of hemming every pair of new jeans, or perhaps you've accepted that ankle pants are the only pants you'll ever own. Either way, you'll love these wildly popular skinny jeans from Levi's. Made with premium stretch denim that holds its shape all day long, they have a slightly higher mid-rise and come in three different inseam lengths: 27 inches, 29 inches, or 31 inches. "These jeans make me feel amazing," one reviewer gushed. "They look and feel way more expensive than they are." Available sizes: 2-20

38. A Short-Sleeve, Crew Neck Bodysuit For The Look Of A Perfectly Tucked-In Tee

There's no look easier to wear than a simple crewneck tee tucked into a flowing skirt or a high-waisted pair of jeans. This soft, simple short-sleeve bodysuit looks like a regular crewneck T-shirt, but since it's a bodysuit, it will fit super close to the body and always remain perfectly tucked in. Made of soft, breathable cotton with a hint of stretch, it's available in a rainbow of fun colors, including black, white, marigold, and coral. Available sizes: XS-XXL

39. These Soft Bamboo Liners To Discreetly Absorb Dreaded Bra Sweat

Bra sweat is one of the most annoying fashion-related problems out there. These nifty antibacterial bra liners absorb any moisture and odors, without being bulky, hot, or uncomfortable to wear. They're made with a soft, breathable blend of bamboo and cotton, and have no tags or adhesives that could irritate sensitive skin. Choose from three colors: black, white, or beige. Available sizes: S-XXL The Zoe Report may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from The Zoe Report's editorial and sales departments.