36 Fantastic Grooming Products On Amazon Under $40

by Julia O'Donnell

Like a tiny microcosm of the beauty world at large, the virtually endless selection of beauty and grooming products on Amazon can feel nothing short of overwhelming. Sorting through all the skin care products, hair products, tools, treatments, and gadgets can be a confusing, time-consuming process — especially if you have no idea where to even start. That's where this roundup comes in, which highlights 36 of the most fantastic grooming products on Amazon — all of which cost less than $40.

On this list, you'll find everything from cult-favorite skin care products to game-changing new tech gadgets that'll revolutionize the way you groom your hair, nails, body, and skin. And even though some of the finds on this list are things you'd find in your dermatologist's or aesthetician's office, all of them are affordable — so you can treat yourself to a few new pampering products and still have money left over to buy that pair of shoes you've been eyeing. Even better, since all of these items are available on Amazon Prime, you can be using them in as little as a few days, thanks to that handy, lightning-fast delivery.

So go ahead and clear some room on your top shelf — and get ready to see some results.


1. A Skin Spatula That De-Clogs Blackheads With Ease

Using this blackhead exfoliator tool to extract sebum and dead skin from clogged pores is exactly as satisfying as it sounds. Gently massage this skin spatula over any congested areas of your face, and watch as it removes all the gunk from your blackheads and pores. The hi-tech tool uses vibrations and ionic technology to work its magic, resulting in clearer, healthier skin after each use.

2. Cooling Gel Eye Masks To Soothe Tired, Puffy Eyes

These gel-infused under-eye masks are an effective solution for de-puffing dry, swollen eyes. Loaded with peptides and antioxidants, the masks deliver a super-powered dose of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Icelandic glacial water, and other botanical ingredients to your skin, providing cooling, firming relief in a matter of minutes. Pro tip: store them in the fridge for an even more refreshing sensation.

3. An Ice Roller That De-Puffs Skin & Helps Treat Facial Pain

Store this stainless steel facial roller in the freezer when it's not in use; it has such a wide range of benefits, you'll be sure to reach for it regularly. Not only does it help reduce redness, soothe inflammation, and de-puff skin, but many fans swear by it for relieving the pain associated with migraines, allergies, tension headaches, and sinus infections. Roll it over your face and experience instant relief, as well as firmer, smoother-looking skin.

4. A Soothing Facial Steamer To Open Up Your Pores

Because this facial steamer opens pores and allows moisture to seep in, steaming before applying your serums and creams can help your skin absorb their active ingredients more effectively. Steaming takes just 10 minutes and has a whole range of benefits; it can be used to counteract dry skin, acne, and so many other common skin concerns. Plus, it simply feels amazing — especially when you have a sinus infection or head cold.

5. Pimple Patches That Banish Blemishes Overnight

Next time you're dealing with an angry zit, cover it with one of these hydrocolloid pimple patches and wait — within hours (or ideally, overnight) it'll suck out all the gunk, drastically reducing inflammation in the process. Applying one of these stickers also prevents you from touching or picking at the blemish, and it's a great way to keep it protected from outside bacteria, too.

6. The Buzzed-About Oil That's Specifically Formulated For Your Bikini Area

Featured in Vogue, Allure, Into The Gloss, and many, many more, fur oil has created quite a buzz (even Emma Watson swears by it). Though you can use it anywhere — on your eyebrows, in your bath, on your cuticles — it was technically created with pubic hair and skin in mind. Use it to keep any area of your body moisturized and soft; it also helps prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn, and irritation.

7. A Silicone Brush To Exfoliate Flaky Lips

Besides feeling uncomfortable, dry, flaky lips make a rough, uneven surface that's difficult to apply lipstick to. Luckily, this silicone lip brush effortlessly sloughs away dead skin, leaving your pout smooth, plump, and perfectly prepped for lipstick. After rubbing the brush over your lips in a gentle massaging motion, be sure to apply a hydrating lip balm or oil to keep them soft and moisturized longer.

8. A Facial Hair Remover So You'll Never Have To Wax

A great option for those whose who choose to groom their faces and have skin that's sensitive to waxing or bleaching, this hair remover effectively removes the soft, peachy fuzz that tends to grow in the facial area. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it can be used over and over again, saving you countless pricey hair removal treatments at a salon.

9. A 4-In-1 Foot Tool To Groom Your Feet Between Pedicures

Extend the life of your pedicure with this four-in-one foot tool — it has everything you need to keep your feet soft, smooth, and exfoliated. The solid bamboo tool features emory and stainless steel files, a natural pumice stone, and a bristle brush for scrubbing. Bamboo is durable and naturally anti-fungal, which means you can safely hang the tool in the shower with its built-in looped rope.

10. Soothing Scalp Massagers That Help Eliminate Dandruff & Remove Product Build-Up

These scalp massagers have a whole range of benefits; use them to exfoliate your scalp, which can help treat dandruff, increase blood circulation, and alleviate tightness and itching. Their flexible concave bristles mold to the shape of your head, while the finger-sized handle at the back of brush helps ensure you keep a firm grip. They feel particularly amazing after having your hair up tightly all day, too.

11. An Effective Solution For Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

If you struggle with painful razor burn and ingrown hairs, this best-selling exfoliating solution is definitely worth a shot — many reviewers swear it's the only thing that works for them. If you shave, apply it to your skin directly after shaving; it's quick, easy to use, and impressively effective. "Very simple but works like nothing else out there," one reviewer wrote.

12. These Skin-Soothing Tools That Tracee Ellis Ross Swears By

Tracee Ellis Ross swears by these magic globes (or "BLUE BALLS," as she calls them) to plump her skin (or, as she puts it, to keep it "tight and cute"). Made of solid pyrex glass in a pretty deep blue color, they're meant to be chilled in the freezer before use. Massage your face with them to soothe puffy eyes, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and more. "Feels refreshing and rejuvenates the skin on your face," wrote one reviewer.

13. An At-Home Dermaplaner For DIY Microdermabrasion

Use this microdermabrasion roller to even out your skin tone, heal scars, brighten your complexion, and much more. The roller is covered in teeny tiny microneedles that gently break through the skin's surface, causing the body to send a rush of collagen and elastin to the area. According to more than 1,100 glowing five-star reviews, the results are pretty impressive, even after only a few uses.

14. A Moisturizing Shaving Cream With A Relaxing Lavender Scent

From its soothing lavender scent to its rich, moisturizing formula, this popular shave cream makes the process of removing unwanted body hair feel infinitely more pleasant. The cream's ultra-slick texture allows your razor to glide effortlessly over your skin, giving you a close, smooth shave without causing any bumps or irritation. Plus, its relaxing lavender scent makes it perfect for nighttime grooming sessions.

15. Glove-Like Sheet Masks To Soften & Moisturize Dry Hands

Like a sheet mask in glove form, these hand masks deliver a super-powered dose of soothing moisture to your hands, an area that tends to grow flaky and dry when neglected. Formulated with natural ingredients like lemon, anise, olive, and shea butter, they'll leave your hands soft and smooth after just 20 minutes. "One of the best ways I've found to keep my hands healthy and hydrated," wrote one reviewer.

16. An Apple Cider Vinegar Scrub To Deep-Clean Your Scalp

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, which is why this exfoliating scalp scrub is so essential. Formulated with premium natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and avocado oil, it's touted as a way to slough away dead skin cells and remove product build-up, which can help make your hair feel healthier and look fuller. Plus, it feels amazing if you have a tight, itchy scalp.

17. A Gorgeous Set Of Skin-Plumping & Soothing Tools

Whether you're buying it for yourself or for someone else, this chic set is sure to be a hit. The set includes a gorgeous handcrafted facial roller and gua sha tool; both utilize pressure to ease tension, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy-looking skin from the inside out. The two tools come packaged together in a premium gift box; choose from either authentic jade or rose quartz.

18. A Cult-Favorite Korean Beauty Toner

Infused with natural botanical essences and hyaluronic acid, this award-winning Korean facial toner effectively removes dirt and sebum without harming your skin's natural pH balance. The gentle formula also smooths and hydrates, reduces inflammation, and protects the skin from outside pollutants. "This is more than just one of the very best Korean toners; more than one of the best toners anywhere — this is, simply put, one of the best, most effective, most gentle, most pleasant skincare products I've ever used," gushed one reviewer.

19. A Vibrating Cleansing Brush To Deep Clean Your Face

With its three different brush heads and three vibrating speeds, this popular face scrubber will instantly take your cleansing game to the next level. The circular scrubber comes with a softer bristle brush head that's great for everyday use, a firmer bristle brush for deep cleansing, and a silicone bristle brush that gentle sloughs away dull, dead skin cells. Reviewers also love the timer feature, which pulses every 20 seconds to remind you to switch areas, and automatically shuts off after one minute.

20. An Exfoliating Body Brush That Helps Prevents Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn

If you shave, exfoliating is the key to preventing ingrown hairs. And luckily, this exfoliating body brush makes the process effortless. Tiny, flexible bristles slough away dead skin cells, preventing the clogged hair follicles that cause ingrown hairs. The brush's handheld design and round, flat shape makes it easy to cover large areas of the body in a small amount of time — for best results, use it directly before shaving or waxing.

21. A UV Nail Lamp So You Can Do Your Own Gel Manicures At Home

With this top-rated UV nail lamp, you can get a salon-quality gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. The lamp's built-in timer features four settings — after applying gel polish and topcoat, set the timer and place your nails under the light, just as you would at the salon. Just know this lamp is meant for gel nail polish only; the UV light won't work to dry regular polish.

22. Exfoliating Face Pads That Leave Your Skin Clear & Glowing

Working overtime as you're fast asleep, these exfoliating pads are an effective way to fight off blemishes and slough away dead skin cells overnight. They're infused with a super-powered combination of glycolic, salicylic, and hyaluronic acids, three of the most potent active ingredients in skincare. "Nothing else has ever made my skin GLOW like this before," gushed one reviewer.

23. A Callus-Removing Gel For Smoother, Softer Feet

Use this callus-removing gel with your foot file or pumice stone to get faster, better results. Calluses are notoriously difficult to remove, but many reviewers swear this gel is the only thing that's worked for them. "My feet are soft and pink and callus-free for the first time in years!" one reviewer wrote.

24. A Straightening Hair Brush That'll Cut Down Styling Time In Half

This straightening brush combines the benefits of a hair brush and flat iron all in one product. After heating up in just one minute, the smooth ceramic plates simultaneously comb through and straighten your hair. It's also an especially quick and effective way to refresh a day-old straightened style, since it detangles and smooths out bedhead in a matter of seconds.

25. A Moisturizing Nail & Cuticle Oil With Over 1,000 Glowing Five-Star Reviews

Brush your way to stronger, healthier nails with this moisturizing, naturally anti-fungal nail and cuticle oil. Formulated with vitamin E, tea tree, and other rich, natural oils, it works to leave your nails, cuticles, and nail beds strong, smooth, and shiny. "The cuticle oil is wonderful - the best I have ever used," one reviewer commented.

26. These Natural Exfoliating Cloths You Can Use Over & Over Again

These exfoliating cloths take the process of removing dead skin cells back to the basics. ‌An all-natural, chemical-free way to exfoliate your skin, they're an especially great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Plus, they're an eco-friendly, affordable option — when they get dirty, just throw them in the wash before using them again.

27. A Set Of Sheet Masks For Plump, Glow-y Skin

Reviewers say these sheet masks leave their skin "luminous," "glowing," and "so much softer." They're infused with the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, as well ginseng, adenosine and marine collagen, to deliver visible results immediately and even more benefits over time. "I had a well rested glowing look overall, and my skin appeared generally more luminous and naturally lit from within," one reviewer reported.

28. A Cult-Favorite Foot File That Buffs Your Calluses Away

Reviewers swear by this electric foot file — it has over 3,200 glowing reviews, with people calling it "a miracle," "painless," and "incredibly easy to use." Meant to be used on dry skin, the roller-style design makes it easy to hit the curves and contours of your feet. The device is battery-operated, and batteries are included with your order. Once the roller's file wears out, the company offers refill rollers in soft, regular, and extra-coarse options.

29. A Dry Brush Set For All-Over Exfoliation

Slough away dead skin cells, encourage blood circulation, and kickstart collagen production with this dry brush set; dry brushing is an old-school exfoliation method loved by celebrities, aestheticians, and natural beauty buffs alike. The set includes everything you need to efficiently exfoliate your entire body: a large dry brush with a long wooden handle, an exfoliating face sponge, exfoliating gloves, a pumice stone, and even a handy E-book full of dry brushing tips and tricks.

30. An Argan Oil Spray That Offers Thermal Protection For Your Hair

A quality thermal protectant spray is the key to minimizing hair damage from hot styling tools. This all-natural formula is made with pure argan oil, which not only protects your hair, but also detangles, fights frizz, and moisturizes your strands. "Didn't weigh my hair down at all, didn't leave behind any residue, and left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny," commented one reviewer.

31. The Best Pair Of Tweezers You've Ever Used

There's nothing more frustrating than dull, ineffective tweezers. With these popular slanted tweezers, you'll never find yourself helplessly trying to grip a stubborn hair again. Garnering over 6,300 glowing five-star reviews, they've earned an overall rating of 4.3 stars. "I wish I'd known about these a long time ago," one reviewer wrote. "It's amazing how much life can be improved by a good pair of tweezers."

32. A Coffee-Infused Eye Cream To Wake Up Tired Eyes

The caffeine in this coffee-infused eye cream stimulates the production of elastane and collagen, instantly plumping and lifting the sensitive, delicate skin surrounding the eye area. The 100 percent natural formula also includes vitamin E, vitamin A, sweet almond oil, and other ingredients known to keep skin looking (and feeling) nourished, smooth, and soft.

33. An Electric Hair Remover That Reviewers Call "Quick," "Easy," & "Painless"

A quick, painless way to remove even the tiniest unwanted facial hairs, this electric eyebrow trimmer is an effective alternative to tweezing or waxing. It's battery-operated and compact, and its stainless steel blades are impressively precise. "It removes the fine, light eyebrow hair that is nearly impossible to pluck with tweezers," one reviewer reported. "No pain whatsoever," wrote another.

34. A Fan-Favorite Peeling Gel Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

Reviewers can't stop raving about this best-selling peeling gel; it has more than 1,800 reviews from devoted fans calling it "a miracle worker," "unbelievably amazing," and "the best exfoliating product I've ever used." Infused with dead sea minerals, it gently removes the build-up of dull, dead skin cells, which helps treat blackheads and prevent pimples, in addition to leaving skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

35. The Perfect Round Brush To Get Your Best At-Home Blowout

Nothing will give your hair volume quite like a quality round brush; it's an essential tool for a great at-home blowout. This one's large ceramic barrel will heat up quickly and evenly when exposed to your blowdryer, making it easy to get smooth, sleek strands with lots of volume at the root. At the same time, a combination of long nylon bristles and shorter boar bristles work together to detangle and smooth hair, stimulating the scalp and distributing its natural oils in the process.

36. This Award-Winning Mask That Hydrates Your Skin As You Sleep

To recharge your skin as you sleep, this award-winning sleeping mask will leave your skin soft, smooth and glowing by the time you wake up. The gel-like formula is infused with hydro-ionized mineral water, which delivers a powerful punch of moisture-maximizing zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium to your skin overnight. You can also use it as a rich face cream during the colder months, if your skin is seriously parched. The Zoe Report may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of The Zoe Report's editorial and sales departments.