35 Chic Finds Under-$35 On Amazon So You'll Always Have Something Great To Wear

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There’s almost nothing more frustrating than staring into an uninspiring closet. Maybe you’re lacking the key staples needed to highlight a new statement piece, or perhaps a closet full of basic building blocks has you feeling bored. Either way, having nothing to wear can feel truly irritating. Luckily, though, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to give your wardrobe a much-needed update⁠. With this list of chic finds under $35, you'll always have something great to wear.

Some of the items you’ll find here are classic, timeless basics you’ll never get tired of, while others are fun, fashion-forward interpretations of the season’s hottest trends. There are pieces that are beachy and boho, clean and classic, flirty and feminine, edgy and bold; all in all, this wide-ranging roundup has something to suit everyone's unique sense of style.

There are a few things all the pieces on this list have in common, though. For one, every single item costs $35 or less, making it easy to give your wardrobe a substantial update without breaking the bank. Better still, everything is available on Amazon Prime and in some cases, you can even nab these piece via Prime Wardrobe — that means you you can try on the pieces before you even have to pay for them. So go ahead, pick out a few new things; you’ll be happily putting together fresh, fun new outfits before you know it.

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