23 Travel Gifts For The Woman Who Will Spend Next Year Circling The World


You likely have one friend who always seems to be coming back from one far flung location or another. Her Instagram feed is chock-full of wanderlust-inspired photos, apartments filled to the brim with knick-knacks acquired on trips, and whenever you're in need of a recommendation on where to go to next she's right there ready and prepared with a list of the latest can't-miss spots to see. In other words, she lives to see the world. And so, when considering what to buy her this holiday season, you'll want a solid list of gifts that the travel-loving woman will want for her jet-setting.

Passport covers, cool tote bags, travel-size skincare products, luggage tags — these list of travel necessities goes on. So, as you can imagine, it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly if you're a frequent flier. As such, since it is the season for holiday spirit we thought what better way to help you show your support for your friends who love to see the world than by culling an edit of useful gifts they can take with them on their next adventure.

This curated list includes a handful of picks from favorite brands that are sure to not only make the experience of traveling go more smoothly for your friend but also make her feel pampered in the process. Scroll down to shop the gift guide and if you spot anything you might need for the holiday travel season you have full permission to treat yourself.

A cozy cashmere hoodie will be the ideal piece for keeping cozy in flight.

To make falling asleep on the plane a luxurious (and stylish) endeavor.

A beanie will come in handy for keeping your hair under control in flight.

Keep your travel essentials together with a chic yet practical tote.

Roll on a fresh scent prior to landing to wake yourself up and, of course, not smell like you've been on a plane for hours.

A cute luggage tag makes finding your suitcase slightly less painful.

This cheeky new luggage brand comes pre-dented so you don't have to worry about being precious with it.

Everyone's favorite It bag brand also offers this sleek passport cover.

Keep this in your luggage to help stave off the dreaded smell of suitcase.

This artisanal bag is made in India and inspired by Japan. The designer created the pouch with her travels in mind, making it the ideal gift for storing jewelry and other essentials in.

Need a budget-friendly gift that still feels thoughtful? Ta-da.

Wake up puffy, tired eyes after a long flight with this calming roll-on oil.

Wireless headphones are the perfect travel companion, especially when they come in a pleasant coral hue.

A luxe floral silk eye mask isn't something you'd normally buy for yourself, which makes it the perfect present.

It doesn't get much more comprehensive than this.

Is it weird to call blotting papers chic? Because these are chic.

For long-haul flights a pair of cozy socks is a must. Give her these handmade Alpaca socks from Ecuador.

A tank top, trousers, dress, and robe — the four softest travel pieces she'll be eternally grateful for.

Organizing travel documents is effortless and simultaneously stylish with this multicolor pouch.

We all know how flying wreaks havoc on your skin — fight it off with a well-stocked moisturizing kit.

For fresh-smelling, clean clothes no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Anyone who has traveled internationally knows this gift is godsend.

The iconic travel wrap from White + Warren is sure to make you her favorite gift giver of all time.