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13 SPF Makeup That Artists Love, Come Sun Or Rain


Protecting your skin with a layer of SPF is essential on any day of the week, no matter what time of year it is. But for those who might forget from time to time, some of the best SPF makeup products work to protect you from the sun while enhancing your features.

“Most makeup that has SPF includes an average SPF 15 protection," Andrea Tiller, a celebrity makeup artist, notes. "In this case, when prepping the skin, I always make sure that I use a moisturizer first to hydrate the skin and then apply a good sunscreen [with a minimum of SPF 30] on top for ultimate protection. After that’s done, I then go in with the makeup products and any added SPF that they may have."

And if you have to reapply throughout the day, don't fret — there are ways to protect your skin without disturbing your finished results. Makeup artist Emily Cheng, who "never leaves the house without sunscreen," has a special tip: "Be sure to keep a powder version [of sunscreen] with you for touch-ups,” she says. "I'm prone to sun spots, so this is a must for me."

Ahead, see 13 fun, sun-safe products to try out this spring and summer.

"I currently love Tom Ford's Traceless Perfecting Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 because it has a very natural finish that you can sheer out or build on," Tiller says. "It's also long-wearing, meaning it’s humidity resistant!"

Nikki Wolff, global makeup ambassador for Becca Cosmetics, recommends this primer that contains SPF 15. It doesn't leave your skin with that weird, ashy cast that many sunscreens give.

This easy-to-use stick, recommended by Tiller, has built-in SPF 45, and it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. It's also water resistant — just in time for pool parties.

According to Tiller, this SPF 25 mist acts as a setting spray, a hydrating spray, and is enhanced with nutrients and antioxidants.

"I love the handy twist-and-brush applicator. It's great to use on the go, and it mattifies and protects your skin. It's great to use by itself or on top of makeup," Tiller says.

"Reapplication of sunscreen is difficult with makeup on, so this powder makes it easy to reapply while also removing shine," Cheng says.

"The Skin Foundation has SPF 15 in it, and it feels really lovely on the skin," Wolff says of her go-to.

"This is truly a beautiful sheer rosy pink lip balm that mimics the much-wanted bitten lip look," Tiller notes. "It's important to also protect your lips from sun damage, this one also has an anti-aging treatment and is paraben and sulfate-free."

This game-changing single shadows contain SPF 30 to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.

The No Makeup Blush adds a natural flush to the cheeks and is infused with SPF 30. The application brush makes it easy to apply with no mess.

This wand helps to conceal spots and blemishes while offering your skin protection with broad spectrum SPF 25.

Lips also need defense from damaging sun rays. If you don't want to wear lipstick, grab this balm enhanced with UVA and UVB filters.