13 Gifts For The Woman Who Just Wants To Be Cozy


When it's 32 and snowy, there's a simple pleasure that comes from putting on the coziest things you own and curling up on the sofa with a candle lit and smooth jazz playing. This holiday season, you can pass on this simple feeling of hygge to someone else by springing for a cozy gift that's ideal for the woman who just wants to get through the coming season as comfortable as she can. While hiding indoors for four months straight may not be an option, you can do your best to make every moment as cushy as possible. That means anything soft, silky, and sleep-inducing fits the bill.

Whether she's partial to the feel of cashmere up against her skin, or she can't resist the warm glow of candlelight, you'll find a little something special to wrap up just for her (though you may want to snuggle up with these goodies yourself). Below, you'll find not just a list of what to buy, but a little insight into why carefully handpicked item made the cut for this holiday season. Now, before the first flurry of the season arrives, jumpstart your holiday shopping for the special someone who just wants to feel warm and fuzzy.

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Cozy Gift For Women: Cashmere Sweater

A cropped sweater in a soft and silky cashmere is the ideal transitional piece — day to night, office to her sofa — it doesn't matter where she's starting or ending, she'll be comfortable and chic in a simple crew-neck style.

Cozy Gift For Women: The Row Jacket

With The Row, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have created the ultimate cozy-chic wardrobe. Any luxe coat or sweater from their line would be an instant hit, but there's something about a coat and scarf combination that seems particularly appealing.

Cozy Gift For Women: Soft Socks

Some might balk at the idea of gifting socks, in fact their the ultimate winter luxury. A soft, knitted pair will keep her feet cozy no matter where she's trekking. Keep an eye out for boot height or above to ensure she never endures the painfully cold bare ankle.

Cozy Gift For Women: Robe

When it comes time to relax at home, nothing says "chill" quite like a soft robe to tuck into. This minimalist style from La Perla perfectly toes the line between practical and fashionable.

Cozy Gift For Women: Bode Quilted Jacket

So, technically Bode is a menswear line, but there's something so cozy and enchanting about this up-and-coming line's patchwork designs that makes them feel just right for the fashion-forward woman too. Consider gifting this to the trendiest woman you know.

Cozy Gift For Women: Throw Blanket

Sometimes a sweater or cotton sweats just won't do, and she'll have to break out a blanket to survive the cold. This simply stylish throw from Brooklinen will dress up her apartment and come in handy too.

Cozy Gift For Women: Furry Boots

Winter weather is inevitable, but having the right gear on hand can help make things just a little bit easier. These shearling boots are not only fashionable, they'll actually come in handy keeping her feet warm.

Cozy Gift For Women: Boy Smells Candle

No home achieves peak-hygge without a soothing candle burning with the lights down low. This smoky rose-scented style from Boy Smells is one that'll help her relax more than a glass of wine ever could.

Cozy Gift For Women: Comfy Coat

Instead of a stiff, bulky jacket that will get in the way, think about getting her a coat that will be comfortable enough to wear while she's sitting on her couch and catching up on Friends.

Cozy Gift For Women: Luxe Slippers

Because there's no feeling quite as nice as kicking off a pair of uncomfortable heels at the end of the day, give the gift of a chic and cozy pair of slippers. They're fashionable enough to wear out of the house, but once she'd home, will she really want to leave again?

Cozy Gift For Women: Furry Bag

If it's necessary to go outside, every part of a look should be as cozy as possible, which is why a furry bag is a statement piece to try. The best part: Even when things start to warm up again, she can still put this cute style to good use.

Cozy Gift For Women: Neutral Sweater

This rich and cozy sweater is polished enough to wear out of the house, but is also soft enough to feel like you never got out of bed. A neutral hue makes it ideal for winter layering. Add a second sweater on top and finish with a coat and scarf, and there's no temperature that won't work.

Cozy Gift For Women: Beanie

Keeping the head covered is key to maintaining warmth and coziness in the winter. But, if a beanie is a must, why not have a bit of fun and opt for one in a punchy color. It's a great way to put the finishing touch on a wintery outfit and will become her go-to accessory for chilly days.