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11 Luxury Beauty Gifts Even TZR Editors Want To Splurge On


They say that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year... and for many retailers, that probably rings especially true. I cannot stop spending my money, no matter how hard I try (or how much I budget). Personally, my favorite aspect of the holidays is giving instead of receiving. And with my mom, two siblings, aunts, uncles, and an entire army of cousins, I am doing a LOT of gift-giving. But in the midst of all the card swiping and present wrapping, I think that I deserve a little something special for myself... especially in the form of a luxury beauty gift.

Not that you need an excuse to treat yourself, but this month serves as a fantastic time to try a product that's normally out of reach. Wouldn't you agree that holiday travel feels a bit more special while lugging around a Jen Atkin x CALPAK trunk? And bracing the frigid wind is almost bearable when you're indulging with Le Labo body cream and Tata Harper facial moisturizer.

Ahead, see the perfumes, hair, makeup, and skincare products that are high on the wish lists of TZR's editors. (Mom: I hope you're taking note.)

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Repairative Moisturizer


Tata Harper

Bright Blonde Shampoo For Beautiful Color



"I want to keep my blonde hair looking nice and bright, which means I'm in need of a toning shampoo. But why settle when you can go for the best in the biz? Oribe's hair products never disappoint, which is why I'm dying to give this baby a try."

Cade 26 Classic Candle


Le Labo

Lauren Caruso, Managing Editor

SpectraLite Faceware Pro


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

"Honestly, seeing the look on my boyfriend's face when he walks in to find me wearing this infrared face mask while lounging on the couch makes it more than worth its price. But in all seriousness, the device, which straps onto your face like something out of Star Wars, has blue LED lights that help eradicate acne-causing bacteria, as well as red LED lights that target wrinkles and hyperpigmentation all at once. It works in just three minutes, making it easy to incorporate into any skincare routine."

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor

Calming Serum


Dr. Barbara Sturm

"One of the estheticians at Rescue Spa told me to try this when I got a facial there, because so many of her clients have told her it helps with red and sensitive skin (which is my skin to a T). Plus, I'm a huge fan of the few Dr. Barbara Sturm products I've been lucky enough to try, so I'm always looking to add more of the brand's products to my beauty cabinet!"

Mecca James-Williams, Contributing Market Editor

Dark Rum Eau de Parfum


Malin + Goetz

"My favorite scent right now is Dark Rum by Malin + Goetz, hands down. I got the candle a few years back, and the warm amber and tattered leather tones made my home feel so personal and relaxing. After trying the scent as a perfume in-store, I knew this scent would be the perfect personal fragrance. Sad I decided to hold off on purchasing, but it may just be my lucky gift to myself this season!"

Aidan Macaluso, Social Media Editor

Body Cream Hinoki


Le Labo

"Nothing makes me feel more luxe than Le Labo's Body Cream. Its thick, buttery texture can salvage even the driest skin, and the Hinoki scent (inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan) is just so heavenly."

Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara



"I literally went through a tube of this stuff in a month — which shows how quickly I became addicted to it. I have naturally longer lashes, but they usually need the help of a curler and a few coats of mascara to really get the dramatic effect I prefer. This formula is so incredible that it works with one — maybe two — swipes, tops, and without a curler! I may need to slip this into my own stocking this year."

Luminous Silk Foundation


Giorgio Armani Beauty

"I loved this formula for years, mainly due to the fact that it makes my skin look naturally flawless and glowy. I typically save it for special occasions and events, otherwise I'll go through it in a week. But a girl's gotta glow a little more than usual during the holidays, right?"

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor

Vanille Fatale


Tom Ford

"I can't get enough of Tom Ford's Vanille Fatale — a yummy scent that's equal parts sweet and spicy, due to the Madagascan vanilla-meets-rich mahogany blend. I love it so much that I rarely wear it, saving it for super-special occasions only. With a 250-ml decanter, I'd never have to worry about running out... and I'd get to bless the entire world (or, rather, my entire block) with a whiff as I walk the snowy city streets. I mean, the holidays are about goodwill towards all... "

Jen Atkin Trunk Luggage - Pink


Jen Atkin x CALPAK

OK, OK... I know that this isn't a makeup or skincare product. But this trunk, from Jen Atkin's collection with CALPAK, is just as essential. Not only is the piece of luggage designed by Atkin, but it's meant for all of the makeup kits, hot tools, and hair products that the pros carry around the world. I (proudly?) have just as many products... and with this trunk, would never have to pick and choose before a trip again.