These Berry Lipsticks Look Good On Everyone — And Are All Under $10


As winter approaches, berry colored lipsticks are typically at the top of every lipstick lover's list — the color is rich, moody, and a handy way to cover up wine mouth at holiday parties. This season, the trending shade comes as no surprise, especially on the tail of the popular cherry beauty products that dominated all fall long. And while we know there are tons of great luxury lip colors out there, some of the best berry drugstore lipsticks can rival the pricier ones in terms of color payoff according to Ash K Holm, who's worked with Ariana Grande and Jourdan Dunn.

“As an artist, I find myself mixing different lipstick shades and textures to create the most flawlessly balanced lip," she tells TZR via email. "And sometimes a matte berry lipstick and darker lip liner to contour the corners of the lips is all you need to achieve a perfect look.”

And while every berry lip might look sweet, it takes a discerning eye to choose the right hue for your skin tone. So Holm, along with makeup artist Kira Nasrat, are providing tips and tricks for picking the very best berries out of the bunch. See them ahead.

Fair Skin


While searching for a tone to compliment very light skin, look for shades that have a touch of pink to them to boost your undertones.

Medium Skin


Wine and plum shades show beautifully on warmer skin tones, which have the the pick of the litter when it comes to berry lip color choices. As someone with medium skin, I tend to lean toward deep plums, which make my lips look wine-kissed — not swollen.

Dark Skin


For dark skin, look for berries that have brown and earthy undertones to further define the purple and reddish tones in your complexion.

Deep Skin

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

"For deeper skin tones, I always like to use colors that are closer to plums and reds," Nasrat says. The color tends to absorb and lay on lips without getting lost on darker skin.