11 Sleek Living Room Storage Options That’ll Cleverly Disguise Clutter


If only cleaning your house was as easy as spending an afternoon browsing cute home pictures on Pinterest. Fortunately for anyone who finds themselves saving organizational ideas instead of actually cleaning, tidying up your space is easier than ever thanks to the sleek decorative storage baskets and boxes in CB2's new arrivals.

There's no better place to look for trendy décor than the modern, stylish retailer — and now, its site is stacked to the brim with the pretty storage you need for your living room. Simply by throwing loose knick-knacks and spare change into this chic gold storage box, which is $69.95, your clutter will be organized and out of sight. Or use the box to keep your keys and television remote in one place (and eliminate ever needing to search couch cushions again).

Many of the decorative storage pieces are multifunctional, too. This large natural basket for $89.95 could be used in your living room to gather blankets, store wayward toys that have been scattered all over the floor, or even as a covering for the less-than-gorgeous pot your favorite plant is sitting in.

There are plenty of styles to choose from if natural fibers or statement pieces don't speak to you, too. CB2's decorative storage incorporates mid-century modern, Dutch De Stijl, and Art Deco design, so that no matter your current décor, you'll be able to find storage that works in your space. This $269 basket from CB2's collaboration with goop will seamlessly work with even the coolest industrial décor thanks to its deep black shade, and will be useful for keeping throw pillows in one place (instead of all over the floor).

Get ready to compartmentalize your living room, because an organized space is well within your grasp. Keep scrolling to explore 11 of the most swoon-worthy decorative baskets and boxes from CB2's new arrivals that will keep you clutter-free and fit right into your home.