The $15 Storage Idea That’ll Add Style & Order To Messy Kitchens


While you may often frequent H&M for its trend-driven fashion, if you haven't yet ventured into its offerings for home décor, quite frankly, you're missing out. While you can shop for everything from linens to bath rugs, it's the budget-friendly retailer's offering of kitchen accessories that drum up cheap kitchen storage ideas that'll transform your space from either cluttered or barren to perfectly Instagrammable.

The colder months of the year often lead to home reflection. If you're underwhelmed with the state of your kitchen, there are easy and inexpensive solutions to try. Once implemented, you'll be well on your way to achieving the look of those dreamy styled catalog kitchens — except yours will be lived-in and remain functional.

Struggling with solutions for clutter? Seek out pieces that'll organize your belongings. Whether it's utensils or mail, find items that add to your space while also serving a purpose. Case in point: this Metal Storage Basket for $17.99, which is the ideal catch-all for your mail and will bring an element of texture to your kitchen counter. Instead of dumping envelopes all on the table, shop this elegant gold basket to sort your letters into. Having to put your mail in a basket will also help you decide what to keep and what to trash more efficiently.

As for your slotted spoons, ladle, and whisks, if they're currently all scattered, then your goal should be to find them a chic home. Select a vessel like the Ceramic Kitchen Utensil Holder, $17.99, to keep all your go-to cooking tools together for easy access.

For those shoppers lacking items to give their space character, the key is to not feel like you have to tuck everything away. Instead, pick up pieces that'll display kitchen essentials in a sophisticated way. Grab the woven Small Storage Basket, $17.99, to showcase your beautiful cloth napkins. They're too pretty to be buried in a drawer, so bring them out into the open.

Have tons of different pastas? Display your noodles in a few of the Tall Glass Storage Jars for $14.99 each. The jars will look equally as good holding colorful tea bags and sweet treats for guests to grab from over the holidays while helping restore order in your messy kitchen. Speaking of treats, stash candies in this golden nut shaped pot, $24.99, to add a little festive flair to your tablescape.

As for your fruits, anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated should be out in the open. Bring color into your space by stacking lemons in the Small Jute Storage Basket, $6, and pile apples and bananas in the Metal Wire Bread Basket, $17.99, when it's not holding any fresh loaves.

Take the time to tackle your kitchen before the new year. And, with pieces from H&M all under $25, you won't have to spend a lot of money to see a positive change. Start by taking an inventory of what you have and continue on to begin shopping items that'll not only provide useful storage, but enhance your space.