10 Wellness Organizations That Support Black Women's Mental Health That You Can Donate To Now

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According to the American Psychiatric Association, two in three Black people in need of mental health care never receive it. Systemic issues including a lack of diverse practitioners and high costs for care can often make it difficult for those who need help to receive it. But there are a number of wellness organizations supporting Black women and girls, below that can serve as resources as well as being places worth consideration when it comes to donating.

In 2018, the global wellness market was valued at $4.5 trillion. While this category includes beauty and fitness, increasingly, mental health is becoming a major component. Though societal stigmas around mental illness and health still exist, leaders within the space are working to help normalize talk therapy, meditation, group work, and other practices that support mental health. Black women suffering from mental health issues are half as likely to receive support as their white counterparts, but increased funding for organizations that support these women can help to shift the statistic. With or without health insurance, single therapy sessions can cost upwards of two hundred dollars. Through crowdfunding, the following organizations are supplying free therapy, creating safe space communities, and providing platforms with health-focused practices and resources to those who need it most.

Learn more about the organizations fighting for Black representation in the mental health industry below, and donating if you can.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Dive In Well

Dive In Well began as a dinner series but is now a movement actively diversifying the space of mental health awareness with several hands-on practices. The Pool is its ongoing series of online workshops and its in-person Free Swim classes (currently online due to COVID) are donation-based conversations taught by its community members. To support, donate to Dive In Well directly, here. Once donated, you'll receive a complimentary E-workbook with insightful information, lessons and exercises one can apply to their own practice.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Sista Afya

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness focuses on inclusive mental health and well-being in four ways: education, resource connection, community support, and its online shop. The company's merchandise includes helpful journals, educational books, and encouraging cards with money spent being donated back into the organization. In addition to therapy and tele-therapy with customized payment plans, it also offers low-cost online and in-person workshops and events in the Chicago area. In the past three years the company has worked with over 700 young Black women and you can support its monumental work by donating here.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is a platform helping find trusted and competent therapists to place with Black women and girls. Founded by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, it also has an online community-based space The Yellow Couch Collective which focuses on helpful advice, support, and inclusion for young professionals. Support its mission of advocating for Black female mental health by donating here as well as supporting the brand's shop.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Heal Haus

The wellness "cafe" is designed as an inviting space for diverse healing practices and practitioners with a focus on holistic health and wellness with several helpful offerings like daily yoga and meditation classes, virtual private sessions with practitioners, and helpful workshops on topics like breath-work, emotional well-being and more. Securely donate to Heal Haus directly through its Venmo or PayPal pages.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Inclusive Therapists

The platform serves as a directory to match with professional care that prioritizes the inclusion and understands specific struggles of all identities, abilities, and race. The community-based online space also offers workshops and training with learning series on topics like racial traumas in which one can receive a certificate for their own therapy practice upon completing the course. To support its free work, you can sponsor a therapist's membership or learner's training in increments of just $10 which applies directly towards mental health care trainings, community help, and individual support to its BIPOC and minority-identified therapists.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Ethel's Club

Founded by Naj Austin, Ethel's Club is a social & wellness community celebrating people of color with digital memberships that include live-streamed classes, in-person events, special offers, plus health and workout sessions. Donate to Ethel's Club directly via its PayPal.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: BLH Foundation

Founded in 2018 by actor Taraji P. Henson, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to remove stigma around mental health in the African-American community. The organization also fights for mental health programs in urban schools and on increasing the number of practicing Black therapists by offering scholarships to young people pursuing psychology. Donations to the cause are used to provide mental health services and resources to communities of color across the US, donate via Pledgeling.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: Sad Girls Club

Sad Girls Club is a nonprofit in-person and online community for women of color battling mental illness. The company not only fights the stigma around mental health in the Black community but provides treatment services to young women without access as well as creates real life safe spaces to provide support systems to young women. Support young Black women who need the resources, here.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: The Loveland Foundation

Founded in 2018 by Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation supports Black females looking for therapy as well as provides financial assistance through donations. Its goal for 2020 is to provide 1,000 Black women and girls with 4-8 covered therapy sessions. According to the org's site, if 6 people donate $20 it would cover one therapy session so donate here.

Black ⁣Wellness Organizations To Donate To: DRK Beauty

Founded by Wilma Mae and Danielle Jackson, DRK Beauty is a digital community supporting women of color around the world with its content and platform. Now, the org has set out to raise 10,000 hours of free therapy for women of color. You can support the mental health initiative through its Go Fund Me with 80 percent of donations going towards free therapy while the remaining 20 percent is allocated to legal and administrative fees making the initiative possible.