10 Couture Week Beauty Trends That Have Me Excited For Spring

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It feels like we just finished unpacking our bags from Fall/Winter 2020's fashion month festivities — but alas, here we are on the onset of a brand new season, starting with Couture Week. To accompany the head-turning sculptures of fabric that graced the runway, Spring 2020 Couture Week's best beauty moments are following suit in the form of flamboyant eye looks, dramatic hair molds, and lip looks that scream "look at me."

And as any fashionista knows, Couture Week isn't the time for no makeup-makeup and simple blowouts or messy buns. Though the hairstyles are proving more demure this year, with sleek flips at RVDK and low buns at Chanel reigning supreme, moments like the bright sweeps of eyeshadow at Jean Paul Gaultier and mesmerizing lips at Alexis Mabille are proof that drama on the couture runways is still alive as ever.

So, ahead, check out the most standout beauty moments of one of fashion's most exclusive jubilees that will leave you on the hunt for shimmers and pastels for your makeup stash.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: All-Over Contour At Chanel

Courtesy of Chanel Beauty

"This makeup is all about light and shadow, the contour, the sculpting of the face," Lucia Pica, Chanel's global creative makeup and colour designer says of the looks created for Chanel's couture showcase. "There is a harmonious finish of colors and textures." To create the bold, sculpted lids, Pica relied on Chanel Beauty's Stylo Ombré Et Contour to deliver what she describes as a "strong makeup effect" to add dimension and depth to the eyes.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Neon Pink Flush At Giorgio Armani

Courtesy of Armani Beauty

Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani’s international makeup artist, added a bit of color to a prim face and eye look for Armani's Spring/Summer 2020 collection. "To bring a hint of modernity," she says in a release. "A pop of neon pink was added to the lip for a three-dimensional enhanced nude.”

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Ethereal Eyes At Valentino

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Pat McGrath used her Mothership VII Divine Rose palette to create bold washes of eyeshadow that extended past the brow and onto the temples. The look was completed with a hint of her newest Opulust Gloss formula in the shade Lavendaring.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Flaming Hair At Yuima Nakazato

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Hirofumi Kera took the reins for both hair and makeup for Yuima Nakazato's out-of-this-world showcase. Using wigs, Kera sculpted fire-like updos that complemented the statuesque styles of each gown. On the eyes, he channeled that same energy with fiery red swipes of product.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Bold Lips At Maison Margiela

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McGrath concocted yet another memorable look that featured a minimalist face and a bold-as-ever lip. Models hit the runway with neon and pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, and orange on their pouts.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Sweeping Jewels At Schiaparelli

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Jewels were the true star of Schiaparelli, both on the gowns and on the body. To offset the barely there makeup, Erin Parsons covered a few of the models in an array of rhinestones, pearls, and sapphires, an idea she says came straight from the brand's artistic director Daniel Roseberry. "There was one incredible look where I brought the jewels from the dress onto the face, neck, chest, and arms," Parson told Allure. "As if the dress had become a part of the skin. It was stunning! All was Daniel’s vision — he is a genius."

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Winter Warrior Princesses At Guo Pei

Kay-Paris Fernandes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Global Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics Dominic Skinner put an avant garde twist on a winter wonderland look crafting one-dimensional skin with bold sweeps of blush taken horizontally across the cheek and a deep stained lip. To finish it off, Skinner placed fake snow on the top lashes and brows of the models for a snowy effect.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Disco Beauty At RVDK

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

We have Sil Bruinsma to thank for the electric two-toned eyes at RVDK. The inspiration of the look, which he pulled from "Helmut Newton 1970s girls going clubbing in Paris Le Palace," was completed using MAC's Art Library Palette and Ruby Woo Lipstick.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Monochromatic Lids At Jean Paul Gaultier

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Parsons and her amazing team glammed 120 models for Jean Paul Gaultier's 50th anniversary and final fashion week show with an array of customized looks that included glossy lids, metallic freckles, and colorful eyes.

Odile Gilbert is responsible for all of the hair looks that included lots of slicked-back styles, middle parts, and free-flowing textures.

Spring 2020 Couture Week Beauty Trend: Glitter Pouts At Alexis Mabille

Peter White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

MAC global senior artist Angelo Rauseo used MAC's Lipmix topped with loose glitter for bold, in-your-face lips that set off the minimal face and eye makeup.