The $3.49 Hair Tool That Makes My Faux Locs Look So Realistic

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Khalea Underwood
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I didn't realize how much I changed my hair until I started dating in my early twenties. Whenever I'd upload my favorite photos on an app (pro tip: one selfie, one full body, and one personality shot), my looks were always different, and it'd be the topic of many incoming messages. Even though it keeps things interesting, I don't switch my hair up for romance. I opt for protective styling because frankly, I don't feel like messing with my 4c curls. I've tried 'em all — box braids, cornrows, passion twists. But there's one style that I've always been a bit hesitant to try: bohemian faux locs.

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Like I said, I'm usually game to try anything with my hair. Life is far too short to stick to the same style all year 'round. I think, if anything, I was hesitant about how I'd look with them. But once I began doing my research, I stumbled across Boho Locs, a UK-based Black-owned brand, and was sold. They have so many texture varieties and shades. And aside from that, I loved that their models looked like me and my friends.

I set up a Zoom consultation with Nicole, the brand's social media assistant, who helped me figure out which style was best for me. I typically opt for chin or shoulder-length hair, but in the spirit of trying new things, I opted for 26-inch Bronde Xtra Boho Goddess Locs.

Khalea Underwood

My sister helped me cornrow my natural hair and attach the locs on my base with a crochet needle. And, honestly, it was love at first sight. Admittedly, the long length took a bit for me to get used to, and I struggled with wrapping them up at night, but YouTube videos came in handy. It's been almost six weeks and I'm still loving them. So much so that I'm already browsing the site for my next install.

Khalea Underwood

I will say this — if perfect, uniform protective styles are your thing, then these locs may not be for you. They're meant to be a bit frizzy, since that's what real locs look like. I've had so many people compliment me and give me looks of approval since the faux locs look so realistic. And they do require a bit more maintenance than my usual box braids, as detailed ahead. I don't think that I'd grow my own locs, as that's a lifetime commitment with a lot of work involve, but I'm glad to have added another look to my roster — and more dating app selfies to my arsenal.

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