I Still Swear By This $4 Drugstore Liquid Liner — Here’s Why


I’ve never been especially adventurous when it comes to makeup. Apart from some (regrettable) smoky eye looks during college, I’ve always kept it relatively minimal on the beauty front. I’ve never contoured in my life, and after a disastrous attempt at "color correcting" that left me green for a date, I resigned to never try it again. The one product I'll always experiment with, though? Eyeliner. And over the years, I've acquired the perfect lineup of basic eye makeup products that even beginners like me can use with ease.

While my makeup bag isn’t overly fun or expansive, I’ve spent years fine-tuning its contents, which includes my prized collection of eyeliners. My obsession began in college when I'd spent an entire summer watching old French films, convinced I’d magically pick up the language. Spoiler: I didn’t. I did, however, become enamored by the winged eyeliner I often saw on French actresses like Anouk Aimée and Brigitte Bardot.

I loved how sharp the flicked ends looked, and the effortless elegance it seemed to bestow on the wearer. Often paired with neutral eyeshadow and a muted lip, I decided it was a manageable look I too could master.


After I decided I'd never master the French language, I refocused my efforts on creating the perfect Parisian-inspired wing. Over the years I've tried nearly every eyeliner on the market, developing a preference for high-pigment, liquid variations with extremely fine tips.

While I have my hard-earned favorites, I’m constantly trying out new formulas. More recently, I've even swapped my usual black hue for vibrant pops of color. Ahead, I rounded up my go-to eye makeup products — all of which are beginner-friendly — that give me the ultimate French-girl look in 10 minutes or less.