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One Vision Two Ways: How Two Home Style Experts Transformed Their Small At-Home Offices Into Inspiring Work Stations

By Kate Marin

We’ve all seen our professional environments change in different ways throughout the year, and for many of us that’s meant working full-time from the comfort and safety of our homes. It’s taken some adjusting (and still might not always feel perfect), but we’re slowly figuring out ways to make our spaces as efficient and work-conducive as possible — and part of that process is turning to our favorite decor experts to show us how it’s done.

Teaming up with Walmart, Alivia Fields and Viktoria Dahlberg are sharing their essential at-home office finds that can turn any space into a cozy, inviting workplace. So whether you’ve fashioned a corner of your bedroom into a WFH space or turned your kitchen table into your desk, these affordable finds will keep you working smoothly and productively. Check out their top picks, ahead.

Viktoria's Picks

Viktoria is an advocate for incorporating natural elements into the workspace — from natural light and plants to organic colors and textures. “Keep everything light and neutral, if possible, and allow as much natural light into your home by avoiding curtains or keeping your windows open,” she says. “If you’re like me and working from home, have a clear, clean, and organized desk that helps you stay focused and calm while working remotely.”

1. “With its slim design and built-in drawers, this desk is sleek and clean while making it so easy to stay organized while working remotely.”

2. “There’s something about this chair that nods to the '70s that I just love, with its retro shape and wooden details.”

3. “I love a sleek, minimalist floating shelf and I especially love the unique U-shape.”

4. “This pen holder is cute, compact, and just what I need for my desk.”

5. “This planter has everything with its modern structure, shape, and sleek golden legs. I already know it's going to be at home with everything else in my space!”

Alivia’s Picks

For Alivia, creating a comfortable at-home workspace is all about finding furniture and accessories that evoke a tranquil environment. “The pieces I chose from Walmart fit so perfectly with the aesthetic I am trying to achieve for fall — grounded, a little rustic, and a lot of cozy, calm vibes,” she says. With earth tones and natural textures, Alivia’s at-home office finds make way for a productive work day.

Desk Area

1. "I like how minimalistic these prints are. They add a really soft, feminine touch to my space, and are so pretty to look at. I recommend going big and bold with prints like these."

2. “There are many small pieces that make up a home office and these wicker baskets are the perfect touch to keep things organized, but also add a warm texture.”

3.. "A really quality piece in the perfect neutral tone for all seasons, but especially fall."

4. “This chair has a really smooth design with a modern edge. When paired with soft textures in throw pillows or blankets, this makes the for the coziest WFH space.”

5. "This rug is unbelievably soft and now I want one for every room. This added the warmest touch to my office, and my pup really loves hanging out on it while I work."

Lounge Area

1. "Keeping little mementos like this around my space keeps me in the spirit of the season, and are also so easy to switch in and out."

2. "Picking up a few of these pillows in different neutrals adds such a warm, cozy feeling to any room. I keep this one in my home office."

3. "The uniqueness of this shelf makes it so cool, and I just like the funky design to keep a space fun and interesting."

Viktoria's desk and planter and Alivia's wall shelf are no longer in stock, but you can shop similar versions above.