Your Home Would Be Way More Impressive With Any Of These Cheap, Clever Things

Make your space more organized and impressive — all with minimal time and money.

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So often, an effective home refresh is more about resourcefulness and ingenuity than how much you can afford to shell out for it. With the products below, not only can they be yours in just two days’ time thanks to lightning-fast Prime shipping, but not a single item on this list costs more than $50.

On the list ahead, you’ll find everything from organizational solutions that’ll make your day-to-day more streamlined to design-forward updates for every room in your home. To make your home a more organized, modern, and impressive-looking space, keep scrolling to discover the products that’ll get the job done.


These Best-Selling Nightlights That Look Like Antique Bulbs

“They’re not only nightlights, they double as home decor as well,” one fan — and there are over 20,000 and counting — of this vintage-inspired nightlight duo explained on Amazon. “I always get compliments on them.” Boasting an impressive 4.8-star overall rating, the popular nightlights come with energy-saving LED bulbs that, due to sensory technology, turn on and off automatically. The antique look of the cage and hood is sure to up the stylishness of your interiors, too. Plus, you get two for a mere $16.


The Best-Selling String Lights That’ll Instantly Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Turn your patio, deck, or porch into a European-style bistro with these charming outdoor string lights. The 25-foot string comes with 25 dimmable glass bulbs (and two extras) that can easily withstand the elements and lend a cozy vibe to any setting. With over 40,000 positive ratings on Amazon, the retro-inspired lights are a sensation among shoppers for how cheap, bright, and weatherproof they are — and how easy they are to install.


A Pair Of Filigreed Solar Lamps That Make Your Garden Look Absolutely Magical

Add some magic to your outdoor space with this two-pack of whimsical solar lanterns (because who doesn’t want their yard to look like a magical fairy garden?). Crafted of plastic and iron with an antique bronze finish, these lanterns feature a delicate filigree pattern that emits the most gorgeous shapes when lit, courtesy of soft, warm, solar-charged LED lights designed to mimic firelight. Even cooler? They turn on automatically when the sun sets, then off when it rises again. Alternatively, you can manually turn them on and off with a convenient switch on the bottom.


A Dishwasher Magnet That Indicates Whether Your Dishes Are Dirty Or Clean

It’s surprisingly challenging to keep track and communicate — on top of everything else in your life — whether those dishes sitting in your dishwasher require a go-around or just had one. So, let this clever (and adorable) sliding magnet help you out. Simply slide the magnet over to “clean” when you start a new cleaning cycle, and then back over to “dirty” when the used dishes start piling up. Don’t have a metal or magnetized dishwasher? No problem. The magnet comes with double-sided stickers you can use that work just as well.


The Simple But Genius Lid Organizer That Saves So Much Space (& Frustration)

Sometimes it’s the smallest fixes that make the biggest impact — not only in terms of making your home more impressive, but making it more functional, too. Take this simple but genius lid organizer, for example. With a capacity to hold up to 40 lids, it’ll free up so much more drawer or cabinet space, and negate the long, annoying process of searching for the lid that’ll fit that container. It’s expandable, so it can take up more or less space, as you see fit; and it comes with 30 blank sticky labels, so you can write the sizes of each lid for even more convenience.


An Easy Way To Add Under-Cabinet Lighting To Your Home

You know those spots in your home that could use just a bit of extra light? This set of LED puck lights was made for them. Available in pack of three for less than $20, the portable lights emit a bright white gleam and claim to last up to four times longer than other puck lights on the market. You can use either screws or adhesive tape to affix the lights (each of which requires three AA batteries) to your cabinets, shelves, counters, or closets — the set comes with both.


These LED Light Strips For Your Cabinets, Closets, & More

Another handy lighting upgrade for your home, this one comes in the form of an adhesive (or screw-on) bar, which can be placed under your cabinets, in your closets, or anywhere else that could use some additional lighting. Operated by batteries, the LED strip emits a cozy warm light that can be dimmed and controlled with the included remote control, or set on an automatic timer.


A Beautiful Wine Rack For Your Kitchen Or Bar Area

No wine cellar? No worries. For less than $35, this wooden wine rack is a cheap and clever alternative. Made of handsome, powder-coated steel, the countertop wine rack holds up to six of your favorite blends and two wine glasses. There’s even room on top for sliced cheese and other appetizers, and at the bottom for your popped corks and bottle opener. It’s a great idea for smaller spaces, but even if you have a larger kitchen or your own bar area, it’ll make an impressive aesthetic statement — especially when you’re hosting guests.


This Handy, Low-Profile Rack That Keeps Your Pans Within Easy Reach

With over 14,000 glowing ratings and a 4.5-star rating overall, shoppers agree that this pan organizer rack is the kind of unassuming tool that you never knew you needed — but soon won’t be able to live without. It can hold up to five pots and pans, can be oriented vertically or horizontally, and is a breeze to put together, even for those who aren’t particularly handy.


This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper In A Pretty Floral Pattern

The vintage floral pattern on this peel and stick wallpaper will make any surface you cover look impressive and gorgeous. No one will believe that it’s an adhesive you scored for less than $25 on Amazon. Available in a roll that covers up to 30 square feet of space, the wallpaper is perfect for replacing bare or faded wall patches — it works best on hard, smooth surfaces — and makes for an ideal DIY home project. Boasting a solid 4.6 star score on Amazon, shoppers especially love how well it sticks, and just how easy it is to use, install, and remove.


A Bamboo Bath Mat That Dries Quickly & Doesn’t Harbor Mildew

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a well-made bath mat. Case in point: This bamboo mat that’s designed to eliminate excess water from your shower or bath. Its slatted surface serves as a built-in draining system, while the scratch-proof rubber feet keep you from slipping on your way in and out of the shower. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean, it doesn’t harbor mildew or odors, and it’ll give your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like touch.

  • Available colors: 4


A Touchless Soap Dispenser To Help You Keep A Germ-Free Home

Both leakproof and waterproof, this no-touch soap dispenser is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a built-in sensor that allows the user to easily and quickly soap up with touching anything, thus minimizing the spread of germs. As a bonus, it’ll look so cutting-edge and impressive sitting in your kitchen or bathroom, too.


These Floating Wall Shelves That Come In A Variety Of Eye-Catching Shapes

There’s just something about floating wall shelves. No matter how you position them and how little you spend, they always end up making your space look super modern and chic — and the geometric shapes of these wall shelves only enhance that effect. Made of metal and wood, the shelves are perfect for hanging in practically any room in your home and come in a variety of shapes, from rectangles to a crescent moon to the trio of hexagons pictured.


A 2-Tier Lazy Susan For An Organized Kitchen Or Pantry

You’ll love the added convenience this two-tier lazy Susan brings to your kitchen or pantry. Perfect for keeping your spices or most-used essentials organized and within reach, the turntable rotates full circle and goes with any style of decor, thanks to its eco-friendly bamboo construction. You can also place one in your medicine cabinet to hold pill bottles, or in your bathroom cabinet to store small toiletries.


This Best-Selling Shower Head That’ll Up Your Water Pressure

Water pressure is something that’s easy to take for granted, but also something you definitely notice when it’s not as strong as it should be. If yours could use a little extra help, this best-selling shower head has you covered — or, more precisely, drenched. Available in six colors, the energy-saving rain head blasts a steady and stimulating torrent through its rubber jets that nevertheless feels gentle against your skin. Boasting a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the shower head is a hit among Amazon shoppers — over 30,000 and counting — for how easy it is to install.

  • Available colors: 6


7 Airtight Storage Containers That Come With The Cutest Labels

These airtight storage containers are the perfect way to keep your pasta, rice, and other bulk goods fresh and organized. They’ll instantly spruce up the look of your kitchen and pantry, too. Made of transparent BPA-plastic, the containers come in varying sizes with airtight, snap-closure rubber lids. You’ll get reusable labels and a chalk pen with your purchase, too, to help you keep track of everything — and to give the containers a little extra charm. Can’t beat that for less than $30.


These Amber Soap Dispensers That Come With Apothecary-Inspired Labels

When it comes to home decor, it’s often the tiniest details that make the biggest impact. Take this two-pack of amber soap dispensers, for example. The striking glass bottles look so much cuter than a lone bar of soap, a drugstore soap dispenser, or generic bottles of shampoo and conditioner — especially with the included labels that give them a rustic-inspired charm — and will make your kitchen or bathroom look way more impressive than its $15 price point suggests.


A Gorgeous Glass Jar With So Many Potential Uses

You can use this versatile, tent-shaped jar to hold so much: candy, tea bags, soaps, cotton balls, potpourri, jewelry, and other tiny treasures. In any case, it’s sure to make a stunning conversation piece, and because the dish — which boasts a top-notch 4.7-star rating on Amazon — comes in so many breathtaking colors, you’d definitely be doing yourself (and your home) a favor by stocking up on a few.

  • Available styles: 10


These Transparent Storage Bins To Keep Your Food Organized & Accessible

Maximize your refrigerator or pantry space — and keep your food visible and within easy reach — with this four-pack of storage bins. Made of a tenacious, crack-resistant material, the storage bins are conveniently transparent so you can find what you’re looking for in a cinch, and come with handles on either side that make them easy to grab and move around. You could use these elsewhere, too — like under your kitchen or bathroom sink to hold back stock and cleaning products, for example.


This Wooden Cookbook Stand That’s Both Practical & Aesthetically Pleasing

If you’re a studious at-home chef who swears by cookbooks and family recipes, you’ll love this wooden recipe holder; and even if you’re not, having a classic cookbook displayed on your kitchen counter is an easy way to impress your guests — and inspire you to get cooking. Since your hands are already plenty occupied while cooking, the striking holder comes with a metal rod and built-in wooden kickstand so you can refer to your cooking instructions without having to turn pages. If you’re someone who loves to research and work with online recipes, no problem — the stand is designed to accommodate your tablet, too.


An Exquisitely Crafted Whiskey Decanter For Less Than $25

No one will guess that you found this stunning decanter, which comes with a matching glass stopper and boasts a gorgeous, antique-inspired engraving, for less than $25 on Amazon — or that it’s not even fine crystal. With a quality 4.8-star rating on Amazon, the decanter is especially beloved by shoppers for its value, expensive look, and craftsmanship; keep it on display in your bar, or set it on a mirrored tray with some tumbler glasses in your living room or home office. Ideal for whiskey, scotch, and brandy, it also makes a great gift for the spirits-lover in your life.


This Acrylic Makeup Organizer That Doubles As A Sleek Display Case

You’ll find so many uses for this organizer, whether that’s to organize your makeup, jewelry, or other small, random items that are creating clutter around your house. The top compartment — which includes smaller compartments for items like nail polish and lipsticks — is detachable, while the velvet-lined drawers add a touch of luxury. The plastic construction is durable, easy to clean, and minimal enough to suit any style of decor. Choose from nine colors and two sizes.

  • Available colors: 9


A Gallon-Sized Mason Jar That Dispenses Your Favorite Cold Beverages

Bring some luxury vibes (and conveniences) to your home with this glass drink dispenser, which can be used for BBQs, dinner parties, at-home spa days with friends, or just regular nights at home if you have a big family. Clocking in at 1 gallon, the Mason jar-style dispenser features a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill up with your drink of choice, and the spigot emits a smooth, drip-free stream. Break this out at parties to hold sangria, lemonade, iced tea, or other cold beverages — and delight and impress your guests.


This Magnetic Chalk Board That’ll Make Your Kitchen Feel Like A Cozy Cafe

Take a cue from your favorite local cafe and prop up this tabletop chalkboard in your kitchen to write grocery lists, recipes, reminders, or doodles. The frame is made of pine which gives it a cool, rustic aesthetic; and you can either stand it up (via the foldable metal legs) or hang it using the included mounting hardware. The surface is magnetic, so you can also stick wedding invitations, takeout menus, and the like to it, too.

  • Available colors: 5


This Peel & Stick Subway Tile Backsplash That Looks Like The Real Thing

Itching to refresh your kitchen, but lack the bandwidth for a full renovation? This peel-and-stick backsplash is your cheat code. This order comes with 10 sheets of durable, waterproof vinyl backsplashes in your choice of six colors (like classic white, graphic black, and farmhouse green), all in a subway tile design — the ultimate classic yet modern aesthetic. One Amazon reviewer confirmed that it “looks like the real deal,” and others rave about how easy and “forgiving” the paper is to install.

  • Available colors: 6


A Rustic-Chic Wall Organizer For Your Mail, Keys, & More

No matter how hard you try to keep it organized, it seems that physical mail always creates a jumbled mess on your desk — but this wall-mounted mail organizer offers a simple and elegant solution. In addition to a slot for your mail, this solid wood organizer is equipped with four double hooks to hang your coat, hat, keys, dog leash, et cetera, plus a small shelf for miscellaneous objects (or a sweet vase of flowers). It’s the perfect thing for your entranceway, but you may want to pick up a few and sprinkle them throughout your house.


A Set Of 3 Apothecary Jars That Add A Scandi-Chic Touch To Your Countertop

Keep your cotton pads, Q-tips, hair ties, or dental floss sticks within easy reach — and your countertop looking like a luxury hotel bathroom — with this set of three apothecary jars. The plastic is durable and crystal-clear to mimic real glass, and the pale wood lids, with a sweet, minimalist ball handle, feel perfectly Scandi-chic. You have five more lid styles to choose from, too, including a handful of clear options and a darker, richer wood.


The Kitchen Storage Rack You Never Knew You Needed

Amazon is a treasure trove for brilliant kitchen organizers, as this adjustable storage rack proves yet again. The design is simple — it just comprises seven dividers that can be easily shifted around to create narrower or wider spaces — so you can use it for all manner of kitchen tools, like pan lids, baking sheets, cutting boards, pie tins, and muffin pans. A wildly popular pick on Amazon, with close to 14,000 perfect ratings, one shopper wrote: “Loved it so much I bought a second one immediately!”


An Essential Oil Diffuser To Give Your Room A Spa-Like Vibe

Don’t underestimate the sense of smell in your efforts to create an altogether more impressive, welcoming home. This diffuser can be filled with a few drops of your favorite essential oils to fill your space with a lovely, refreshing fragrance. It’s completely silent, so you can run it at night undisturbed, and a large-capacity water tank disperses scents for up to 13 hours. It’s also equipped with LED lights that shift among seven colors, and a cleaning kit is included.

  • Available colors: 2


This Bamboo Dish Drying Rack That’s Decidedly Not An Eyesore

Dish drying racks don’t have to be eyesores — just invest in a more attractive one, like this bamboo version. It’s a simple and practical update that will give your kitchen a sleeker, more modern vibe. Best of all? When it’s not in use, it folds up for easy storage.


Over 150 Spice Jar Labels With A Sleek, Minimalist Aesthetic

Impress your friends with an impeccably organized spice collection with these sleek spice jar labels, which have a minimalist, professional design. Included, you get 162 labels — which are all waterproof and easy to stick on — for every spice, herb, and seasoning blend imaginable. The set also includes a few blank labels, as well as 24 expiration date labels. The jars aren’t included, but if you like the set in the picture, you can pick them up in either 4-ounce or 6-ounce sizes.


This Genius (& Gorgeous) Stool That’s Also A Table With Hidden Storage

It’s hard to believe that such a gorgeous and functional piece of furniture can be found for less than $45 on Amazon. Not only does this velvet ottoman function as a foot stool or regular stool, but it also has a double-sided lid — the wooden side allows the stool to double as a table — and hidden storage inside. Easy to assemble in under five minutes, it’s sold in various colors to suit your preferred aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 3


An Affordable Outdoor Rug That Comes In Lots Of Stylish Prints

Outdoor rugs can make just as big of a statement as indoor rugs can. They can also make just as big of a dent in your wallet — which is what makes this stunning outdoor rug such a rare find. The rug is moisture- and stain- resistant, lightweight enough to fold up, and made of fade-proof polypropylene plastic, except it looks (and feels) like it’s a woven fabric rug. Best of all? It’s sold 15 pretty patterns and starts at just $35 on Amazon.

  • Available styles: 15
  • Available sizes: 5


This Ziplock Organizer That’ll Make Your Drawers Much More Streamlined

This Ziplock bag organizer may seem a bit extra, but it’s actually pretty practical. Plus, it’ll allow you to impress your family and friends with how organized you are (which — admit is — is something we’re all constantly trying to do these days). The set comprises four wooden slotted organizers to hold various sizes of storage bags, including snack, sandwich, gallon, and quart. Clever, right?


A Bamboo Bath Caddy That’ll Give Your Bathroom A Hotel-Like Touch

Give your bathroom a hotel-like touch with this bamboo bathtub caddy. You can use it to store bath time essentials (like bath salts and oils or a loofah), and extras (like a candle, glass of wine, and a face mask). Next time you have a house guest, impress them by leaving one in the guest bathroom stocked with bath time goodies.


An Electric Wine Opener That’s Both Practical & Impressive-Looking

Sure, this electric wine opener may make an impressive conversation piece next time you host a cocktail or dinner party at home — but it’s also super practical if you’re a frequent wine drinker. The rechargeable gadget can open up to 30 bottles of wine — with the simple press of a button — on one charge, and as a cool aesthetic bonus, it lights up in blue, giving it a high-tech feel. It’s also a best-seller on Amazon, with over 24,000 five-star ratings (and counting).


The (Attractive) Espresso Maker That Every Host Needs

One of the best ways to impress your guests when you’re hosting a dinner party is to offer up cafe-quality espresso with dessert — and this stovetop espresso maker makes that possible. It also has a sleek, modern design, so it’s not an eyesore if you keep it out on the counter or table. Dozens of Amazon reviewers have called it the best coffee maker ever, with one writing, “I barely write reviews but this little gizmo deserves one. I have been a barista before, and I frequent coffee shops from time to time. I was at a friend’s house and had the best little cup of espresso I’ve had since I traveled to Paris after college. Turns out she has this beautiful little bonVIVO! I purchased one for myself and the results are amazing. What a luxury to have at home at our fingertips.”


A Clever Way To Keep Your Canned Goods Neat & Accessible

This seemingly simple organizing solution can give your pantry a dramatic upgrade, whether you buy just one or keep several next to each other. Your canned goods will look neater, be easier to find, and be more accessible — and its compact enough to fit in a cabinet, too. Also great for glass jars and soda, it’s sold in four colors and requires barely a minute to set up. “I was skeptical because this didn't look very beefy but I was very pleasantly surprised. It is very sturdy and holds a LOT of cans. It has cleaned my cabinet up so much, I wish I would have ordered it sooner,” commented one of over 34,000 satisfied Amazon customers. Another person simply wrote, “I love it, everybody gets impressed by this product when they open my pantry.”

  • Available colors: 4


This 2-Pack Of Smart Plugs With Over 65,000 Positive Star Ratings On Amazon

The Kasa smart plug makes it easy to control a variety of electronic appliances in your home from anywhere, and — if you sync it with Alexa or Google Assistant — with just the sound of your voice. You can use the smart plug (with this set, you get two for $20) to keep your appliances on a timer, too, so you don’t have to worry about manually shutting them on and off every day. Try not to get obsessed with the level of convenience the plug brings to your daily life — after all, over 65,000 Amazon shoppers swear by it.

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