Your Home Could Be So Much Nicer If You Do Any Of These 45 Things, According To Designers

Interior designers from around the country give their favorite tips.

by Sabrina Crews
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Your Home Could Be So Much Nicer If You Do Any Of These 45 Things, According To Designers
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a home decor enthusiast or a design novice. Sooner or later, the inevitable strikes: You fall into a dreaded decorating rut. No worries, though: The Zoe Report consulted innovative designers across the country to help give your interiors a much-needed refresh. According to them, your home could be so much nicer if you do any of these 45 things. The items and accompanying advice below make it easy. Ready to meet some incredible designers and make your house so much nicer? Then keep scrolling.


Add More Glow To Your Kitchen With These Wireless LED Lights

Emery and Nagel suggest adding under-cabinet lighting to your home, and you can get the same effect with these stick-on lights. They couldn’t be any easier to “install,” and you get two strips for less than $25. The clever lights are long-lasting and battery-powered — just replace the batteries after 100 hours, when they run out — and they’re remote-controlled.


Tidy Up With Countertop Storage Bins, Like This Chic Duo Of Wicker Baskets

“The heroes of home organization are storage baskets. Not only do they keep your stuff contained, but they also function as decor,” explains Gutierrez. “For the bathroom, [these decorative storage bins are] ideal!” Due to their narrow structure, the baskets are sure to be the perfect fit for your toilet tank or countertops, and feature raised sides to keep your things in place. Gutierrez says, “Whether you're looking to organize linens, makeup, or other essentials, these storage baskets are a must-have.”


Refresh The Sheen Of Your Furniture In Less Than An Hour With Restor-A-Finish

"If your wood furniture has more scuffs and scratches than you prefer, I highly recommend trying Resor-A-Finish,” says Beth R. Martin, founder and designer at bethrmartin.com. “Skip the hassle of refinishing that thrift store score, and in less than an hour, you can refresh the shine of the existing finish. Just select the color that matches your furniture piece the closest, and you will be amazed at the results."


Display A Window Treatment That’ll Dim The Room While Adding Style

Speaking of window treatments, if you’re looking for an option that’ll dim the room while simultaneously adding style to your space, this set of blackout curtains is a great choice. The curtains weren’t recommended by a designer, but they’re completely opaque and help block outside light when you’re trying to create a darker atmosphere. Plus, they’ll even help insulate your home and reduce some noise. You can choose from 11 colors.


Refresh Your Lighting This 4-Pack of Dimmable White Light Bulbs

“Replace any lightbulbs that have a blue cast,” designer and blogger Jessica Welling advises. “Lightbulbs have a color spectrum from cool (blue) to warm (yellow) on the back of the box... Look for ‘warm white’ and steer clear of ‘daylight’ or ‘cool white’ unless you're going for a prison vibe." These dimmable, warm white light bulbs will get the job done — and you get four for less than $15.


Corral Your Clutter With This See-Through Turntable Organizer

This clear, rotating organizer is the perfect catch-all for your miscellaneous essentials, especially in the kitchen (though they’re handy for pantries and cabinets, too). Kim Jones of Lock and Key Home is a big fan of using these types of turntables to bring some cohesion to your clutter — or at least the appearance of it. "If you find yourself with items lying around on a counter in the kitchen or bathroom, such as oils, hairspray, etc., put them on a lazy Susan,” she explains. “It will corral your product to make it look nice and tidy, but also provide convenience to easily [grab].” These are great for holding things like medicine and vitamins, too.


Add Elegance & Warmth To Your Space With Sheer, Linen Curtains

“Curtains are always the perfect way to elevate any space,” Karen Gutierrez of Mackenzie Collier Interiors tells The Zoe Report. “If there’s one simple décor addition that can really tie a room together and make it look finished, it's window treatments. Best of all, curtains don't need to be a major expense. [These] in particular [allow] natural light to flow through the room,” she says of these sheer, flax linen curtains. Amy Studebaker, owner and principal designer at Amy Studebaker Design adds, “Make sure your draperies just skim the floor, as it will create visual height in your room. This is a great traditional look that makes your space feel absolutely glamorous.”


Up Your Kitchen’s ‘Wow Factor’ With This Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

“One of my favorite inexpensive home upgrades is LED under-cabinet lighting,” says Kim Emery, owner and designer at Clipper City House. “With these flexible LED strip lights, you can give your kitchen a wow factor with [a] cheap and simple lighting upgrade. The best part? These are super easy for anyone to install.” Crystal Nagel, principal and founder of Crystal Nagel Design in Charlotte, NC, adds, “Your home could be so much nicer if you incorporated soft lighting from wall sconces, picture lights, toe kick lighting, and under-cabinet lights. These fixtures add a custom touch to any space and highlight special areas like art, built in shelving, and display cabinets. You’d be amazed [at the] way lighting elevates a room.”


Give Your Space A Modern Touch With This Affordable Brass Ceiling Light

There are lots of fascinating light fixtures to choose from on Amazon. "This lamp impressed me the most,” Gutierrez says. “Not only are the reviews top-notch, but it's perfect if you're looking to update your bedroom, living room, or dining room lighting. This brass piece is guaranteed to bring glam and sophistication to your interiors." Plus, considering how stylish it is, it’s hard to believe you can get it for less than $50.


Bring On The Ambience With These Kid-Safe Flameless Candles

"[Utilize] any natural light you can and when you can't, incorporate nice lighting with lamps, light fixtures, and candles," says Chelsey Jimenez, Interior Designer and Stylist at Walker Edison Furniture. Flameless candles in particular are a hassle-free way to add a little atmosphere to your environment, and they’re much safer for homes with kids or pets. These are made with real paraffin wax and come with a three-dimensional, LED flame that gives off a gentle — and extremely convincing — flickering effect. Plus, they’re not a fire hazard. With these, you’re always in control.


Define & Transform Your Space With These Cordless Bamboo Shades

“I think having the right window treatments for your home can really define and transform a space,” says Chanel Pazda, lifestyle blogger and founder of Coco On Fifth. These cordless, bamboo shades — which feature a Roman-style design and softly filter incoming sunlight — will instantly make over yours. Says Pazda, “I love adding roman shades to the actual window for privacy and then curtains to further define them. I love bamboo roman shades for a living room or kitchen; they are truly classic and add just the right amount of warmth to any space. They are loved by some of the biggest designers in the industry."


Give Your Pillows A Whole New Look With These Affordable Velvet Covers

"Refresh your throw pillows and blankets,” Welling suggests. “I love to use inexpensive throw pillow covers from Amazon. For around $12 you can give a pillow a whole new look." These best-selling velvet throw pillow covers cost just $13, comes with a cleverly hidden zipper, and currently boast over 45,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. "Pillows can add personality and dimension to any room, and they don't have to be expensive,” adds Gutierrez. “In fact, there are plenty of great pillow deals online that will help you update your space on a budget."


Make Over Your Powder Room With This Bold, Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

Want to incorporate more color into your decor? "Install wallpaper in your powder room,” advise Oshri Adri and Jillian Dahlman, co-founders of Adri & Dahlman Interiors. Use this vinyl, peel-and-stick wallpaper, which comes in three beautiful, William Morris-inspired prints, to give your space a bold and stunning transformation. Take it from Adri and Dahlman: “The powder room is the perfect location to implement a bold wallpaper and have fun since it is typically a smaller space and a room all your guests will see."


Make Your Room Look More Luxe With These Room-Darkening Velvet Curtains

"Hang your curtains as high as possible for a more luxe look to make the window appear larger than they actually may be,” advises Lauren Sullivan of WellxDesign. “I love these velvet green curtains that look so much more expensive than they are in reality." Annie Elliott, product and design manager for New Again Houses, agrees that hanging curtain rods higher than your window frame is a clever way to deceive the eye, and even lets more light into the room. “Large, light spaces create a sense of whimsy and freedom, something we can all wish for in our homes,” she explains. “Some spaces provide it naturally through their architecture and design, but more often we have to work to provide it.” These curtains will help — and they’ll keep out the light when you don’t want it, too (so they’re perfect for the bedroom).


Wake Up Your Walls With This Set Of Botanical-Inspired Prints

"Make your bedroom more welcoming with this simple, yet beautiful botanical print set,” advises Kelly Marohl, owner and designer at The Green Spring Home. These Nordic-inspired, high-resolution photos come unframed in a set of four on glossy 8-by-10-inch paper. Though suitable for any part of your room, Marohl suggests that you “hang them above a console table for a truly serene environment."


Keep Clutter Out Of The Way With This Attractive, Woven Storage Basket

"One of the best solutions to help elevate your interior space and give it a luxe feel is to remember the details, especially when it comes to storage,” Gutierrez notes. “For that, I recommend this Good Pick rope basket, which will help keep any living room, bedroom, or kids room organized while adding a decorative touch." Available in five easy-to-match colors, this sturdy, scratch-resistant basket has garnered nearly 10,000 perfect ratings on Amazon thus far. It comes in a few other colors, too, from gray and black to pink and white. Use it to hold blankets, toys, laundry, pillows... you get the idea.


Set Just The Right Mood (& Save Energy) With An LED Dimmer Switch

Looking for some creative alternatives to your current lighting situation? “A dimmer switch is the best idea for any and all lighting,” says Joe Cangelosi of Joe Cangelosi Design. “It can immediately set the mood from bright to romantic and everything in between. You can install one for your main overhead lighting, or on most of your floor and table lamps. Plus, with less electricity flowing, you'll save a few bucks on the light bill, especially if you switch to LED bulbs!"


Combine Seating, Color, & Style With This Velvet Vanity Stool

"This humble seat might be simple by design, but its purpose is anything but, which is why it's at the top of my shopping list,” Gutierrez says. “Not only does a stool bring in that additional piece that helps fill up any space, adding extra comfort and additional seating, but it's perfect to easily hide away or move around throughout the room when entertaining. This one in particular showcases a velvet finish, which is a great fabric to help elevate the look of any room for a more sophisticated and chic look. I love the teal option!"


Use Books As Decor, Like This Best-Selling Coffee Table Book About Chanel

This best-selling coffee table book, which is filled with gorgeous photos from the Chanel archives, is wonderful to both read and admire. Cangelosi is a fan of books as a design feature in general: "Decorate with books,” he enthuses. “Find a couple that you like and place on a coffee table or side table. They can be anything from fashion to design to travel — this is a great way to display a subject that you love that you or your guests can flip through any time." Priscilla Moiseoff, lead stylist and interior designer at Walker Edison Furniture, agrees. "Books! Books are a great accessory that you can dress up (like coffee table books) or down (fill space in a bookshelf) and are a great way to pass the time."


Make Your Space Cozier With This Area Rug Made Of Natural Fibers

This distinctive area rug features seagrass fibers and a basketweave pattern that complement a more rustic or casual living environment. According to Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy, the rug also makes for an ideal layering piece. “If you have a small rug, you can make it work in a larger space by layering it atop a big area rug. A large, natural fiber rug is the perfect base for this type of layering and much less expensive than wool. This will make the small rug pop and it will not feel out of scale for the room.”


Create The Layered Look In Your Space With More Decorative Rugs

Although this accent rug wasn’t recommended by a decorator, it can still be layered with other rugs in your space to create the design you want. Since it’s available in various sizes, you can also choose the right dimensions for your room. There are even various color combinations to sort through and pick from, including blue, pink, multicolor, and more.


Toss Out Your Boring Terracotta Planters For Something More Stylish

“This set of eccentric planters is a perfect statement piece to wow the room,” says Gutierrez. “[The] modern grey ceramic is painted beautifully with gold detailing.” Both pieces are color coordinated but come in contrasting designs, and are equally as suited for your porch or patio as they are inside on your window sill or mantle. Plus, Gutierrez observes, “[They’re] not only breathtaking to look at but amazingly functional as well."


Decorate With Natural Materials, Like This Handmade Wooden Bowl

"Bring in warm, earthy tones to your living room with this wooden bowl,” says Marohl. “It's the perfect size to display on a coffee table, stacked next to or on top of coffee table books. Fill it with accent decor such as glass beads or decorative moss balls." You can also use this artisan-crafted bowl, made from the stumps of reclaimed cedar stumps, to display your fruit, or as a centerpiece for special-occasion meals. Choose from three different sizes (small, medium, and large). Because the bowls are handmade, no two are exactly the same.


Create A Welcoming Vibe With This Minimalist, Touch-Control Table Lamp

“This table lamp is sure to brighten your day,” Gutierrez enthuses. “This minimalistic lamp is made of brass gold metal paired with an elegant milky glass shade. This piece can turn your home into tasteful and appealing, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere,” she explains. The elegant lamp also features a vintage-inspired look and an anti-skid base. Best of all, it’s dimmable can be turned on and off with a simple touch of the hand.


Or, Add A Warm & Cozy Glow With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another fun way to add a warm and cozy glow to your home is with a Himalayan salt lamp, like this one. Not only does it feel trendy and modern, but the dimmable lamp also has purported air-purifying benefits (which may explain why they’re so popular in kids’ and babies’ rooms these days). Choose between an amber and a warm-white lamp, both sold on the same page.


Accessorize With This Crystal Decanter That Makes Your Wine Taste Better

If you’re a red wine lover, you already know that decanters are an indispensable part of the at-home tasting experience. Not only that, but they’re made to be displayed, like this one, which is made of hand-blown crystal. Decanters are also a favorite serving item among designers such as Cangelosi. “They are beautiful in form, and most red wine tastes better if it's been decanted,” he explains. “If you have a bar cart or cabinet, or a place where you store your good bottles, this will be a most welcome accessory."


Add This Decorative Whiskey Decanter Set To Your Bar Cart

This whiskey decanter set wasn’t recommended by a designer, but it could still be a decorative addition to your bar cart. It’s made with glistening crystal glass and arrives with four whiskey glasses, all of which feature a diamond-like design. The decanter is versatile, too, since you can fill it up with anything from whiskey to flavored water.


Elevate Your Living Space With This High-End, But Affordable, Table Lamp

"Give your home a high-end look by adding a table lamp for soft, comfortable lighting,” Marohl advises. She loves this one from Amazon brand Stone & Beam, which features geometric cutouts, an off-white linen shade, and a polished nickel finish. The modern, push-button lamp also comes with an energy-efficient LED light bulb. “Even if you have recessed lighting,” Marohl points out, “having a stylish lamp like this one will definitely impress your guests."


Spruce — & Tidy — Up Your Space With This Trio Of Handwoven Baskets

If you’re no stranger to clutter, try this trio of handwoven seagrass baskets, which come staggered in size to hold a range of items, from plants to towels to toys. It’s a quick, stylish fix Nicole Alexander, founder and principal designer of Siren Betty Design, swears by. "Place a few pretty seagrass baskets to collect the junk where it tends to pile up,” she explains. “When they fill up, it's time to put on your favorite podcast and go about doing the meditative magic of tidying up."


Make The Most Of Your Space With Vertical Storage Solutions

This five-tier bookcase with chic, open shelves and a black matte finish could be just the thing to enhance your tiny living quarters. "You may not have a lot of square footage in your space, but you can make the absolute most of it by going vertical,” Wood explains. “For instance, one of our favorite narrow space design ideas is using bookcases in creative ways! Bookcases make use of your space vertically so you can maximize storage while minimizing use of floor space. Want to take it a step further? Try swapping your nightstand or side table for a bookcase."


Mix Fashion & Function With These Handcrafted Wall Hooks

Cramped entryway? Gutierrez has a solution. "Some narrow hallways just are never going to fit a cozy bench. These wooden hooks are the perfect piece for any entryway. Clean, minimal, and super-efficient. They are handcrafted with black walnut wood. They also have great reviews, claiming these pieces are very sturdy and able to hold heavy items. Function and style is one. Adding this to my cart right now!” she says. And you should, too.


Conceal Your Clutter With This Luxe, Velvet Storage Ottoman

Now here’s a smart hack from Moiseoff on how to handle your tiny messes: "Hidden storage, such as in an ottoman, or stored away in pretty containers and bins. Easy way to hide clutter and things you don’t want guests to see." Recommended: This round, velvet storage ottoman Amazon shoppers love. It’s amassed over 5,000 perfect five-star ratings, earned an impressive 4.8-star score overall, and comes with a clever, lift-off lid to hold (and conceal) your scattered essentials. It’s also available in 13 rich colors to match the decor in your living room or office, and stands on four sturdy legs made of a luxe, walnut finish.


Energize Your Indoors With Greenery, Like This Stylish Potted Plant & Planter

One foolproof way to give your space a refresh? According to Moiseoff, "Plants! Adding greenery to your space makes it so much more inviting. Potted plants or freshly cut flowers will do!" Try this lush zamioculcas zamiifolia, which blooms in the warm-weather months and comes in an attractive, neutral planter made of recycled materials. "Incorporating indoor plants is a great way to make your space look fresh and easy on the eye,” says Stacy Lewis, Interior Designer at Eternity Modern. “Indoor plants can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on their type or rarity. But in general, a $20 plant will go a long way in making your home look nice."


Give Your Credenza Some Flare With This Cool, Textured Vase

Moiseoff is a fan of this cool, wavy vase that you can use for all sorts of long-stem flowers, like orchards, bamboo leaves, and eucalyptus. She says, "This ceramic vase adds a nice modern vibe to your space and can be great when used as a center piece or when styling an entry table or a mantel.” Gutierrez also loves this vase: “The curves, lines, and texture are so beautiful,” she tells The Zoe Report. "It's the right statement and artistic piece that will help style any credenza.”


Upgrade Your Kitchen Hardware With These Sleek Brass Cabinet Pulls

“These golden, brass bar handles are a cheap way to make your kitchen feel high-end,” says Sabrina Beaumont, CMO at Passion Plans. “You can also put them in your bathrooms throughout the house to give it a consistent feel." Event and home designer Michelle Madison agrees with her approach. She tells The Zoe Report, “Small updates can make a big impact on your home aesthetic! Your kitchen and bathroom can get a little makeover by just changing the cabinet door pulls. A metal color like gold or [a] matte black finish are like instant makeovers and are renter-friendly too.”


Or, If You Prefer Brushed Nickel, Try These Handles Instead

If you prefer brushed nickel to brass, pick up this set of five cabinet handles that come in four sizes. They’re also sold in black, chrome, gold, and antique nickel finishes, so you have plenty of options when it comes to finding handles that match your kitchen or bathroom best.


Invest In Sheets Worthy Of A 5-Star Hotel

Leveling up your space means bidding adieu to cheap sheets. “It's time to grow up,” says Beaumont. “What's more a sign of growing up than high thread count bed sheets?” If you’re looking for an upgrade, go for this luxurious, four-piece sateen weave set, which includes two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet with a 1,200 thread count. “Sleeping on high-quality, cotton sheets is a divine feeling,” Beaumont concludes. “There's no reason you should only have the hotel feeling when going to a hotel.”


Add These Soft, Fade-Resistant Microfiber Sheets To Your Bedding

This soft microfiber sheet set is another comfortable option for your bedding setup, and it arrives with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a deep fitted sheet (16 inches). It wasn’t recommended by a designer, but it has a 4.5-star rating after over 80,000 customers reviewed them. Plus, the sheets are available in over 10 colors that are machine washable.


Make Your Furniture Look More Expensive With Textured Throw Pillow Covers

"A great way to make your sofa look more expensive is with a collection of different textured and patterned throw pillows,” says Wood. Take these handwoven, rustic-themed throw pillow covers, for instance. They come in three different artisanal-inspired patterns, five different sizes, and with a hidden zipper that makes them easy to throw on and off. “You can splurge a bit more on these and incorporate embroidered elements, beading, velvet, and tassels to really elevate the sofa,” explains Wood. “Include an oversize folded or draped blanket for additional texture."


Ditch Your Door Knob For A Lever That’s Easy To Grip & Easy To Install

Now here’s a design tip you may not have considered before: "Replace door knobs with levers,” says Brenda Scott, owner and operator of Tidy My Space. “This makes opening a door much easier if your hands are full. It's also easier for people with poor grip to open a door with a lever instead of a round knob." Give it a try with this easy-to-install and fully reversible passage door lever from Amazon Basics, and relish the convenience — both for yourself, and for your guests. Choose from four colors: black, bronze, brass, and nickel.


Give Your Space A Designer Feel With These Sleek Metal Outlet Covers

"Sometimes the most simplistic updates can add a lasting impact to a space. Electrical outlets and covers fall into this category,” says Kristin Patrician, owner and principal designer of Dwelling Envy Interiors, a virtual interior design studio. This three-pack of vintage-inspired wall plates with a satin nickel finish will bring those subtle design details to your home that yield the big results Patrician references. She concludes, “Replacing your typical, predictable, builder-grade covers is one of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade your home, giving the entire space a designer feel."


Make Your Home Feel More ‘Hygge’ With This Soft, Knitted Throw Blanket

"To add dimension to your sofa, drape a knitted blanket over the corner seat,” Ashley Berdan, interior designer and founder of Ashley Berdan Design, suggests. This ultra-soft throw, which is made of 100% cotton, is exactly what she means. “By adding texture to a room, it makes it feel warm and cozy. By draping a blanket over a sofa or chair, it’s not only creating warmth but it’s practical!" Breegan Jane, a Los Angeles-based interior designer and Trane Residential partner, is also a fan of decorating with functional throws. "Add extra layers of bedding and throw blankets to each room, so each member of the family can adjust to their comfort level, and you can also save on heating bills."


Turn Your Clutter Into A Display With These Floating Wall Shelves

With these floating storage shelves, saving space never looked so good. "Removing all or some upper cabinets in the kitchen opens up the room and lends an opportunity for something more decorative,” says Heather Smith, lead interior designer and art director for Circa Interiors and Antiques. “A wall shelf to display glassware and dishes, artwork, or live plants makes the kitchen feel like an extension of the spaces we live and entertain in.” These shelves are easy to install, well priced, and come in four colors.


Create Vertical Storage Space With This Hanging, Woven Wall Basket

If you’re short on entryway space, Claire Zinnecker, an interior designer based in Austin, TX, has just the solution: "Keep a hanging basket by your front door to house reusable shopping bags, dog leashes, masks, etc.” This hanging wall basket not only creates vertical storage space, but proves to be just as delightful as it is functional with its rustic, woven design.


Upgrade Your Bathroom Or Kitchen By Dispensing Soap & Shampoo Into Sleek Bottles

Zinnecker has the perfect solution for giving your bathroom decor a subtle, but effective, upgrade: "Put your soaps and shampoos in fun white glass or amber bottles." This vintage-inspired, 16-ounce soap dispenser is just what you need to achieve the look. The bottle is made of durable glass and comes with an electroplated metal pump. Choose from nine colors — like this striking white and brass combination — to complement your bathroom decor.


Artfully Display Your Dry Goods With This Set Of 5 Airtight Kitchen Canisters

“Decanting the dry goods in your panty will make your kitchen feel so much more luxurious,” says Martin. “I love this beautiful set because they are stackable, airtight, and come in a great variety of sizes. Not only will your cabinets look aesthetically pleasing, but you will be able to tell what items need to be restocked easier."


Or, Use These Sleek, Highly Rated Bamboo Canisters Instead

These highly rated kitchen canisters offer another way to store your dry goods in an organized and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Sold in packs of five, the airtight glass containers with accompanying bamboo lids are ideal for the dry goods you tend to buy in bulk, like pasta, cereal, rice, and flour. The minimalist design blends in well with appliances and kitchen decor.


Make Use Of Pretty Linens, Like This Duo Of Turkish-Style Hand Towels

Interior designer Jamie Zehner of JZ Interior Designs suggests “[Utilizing] pretty linens in the kitchen and bathroom for a more intentional feel.” This best-selling set of Turkish-style hand towels is made of 100% cotton and features a subtle chevron design that will fit into practically any space. They’ll only get softer with each wash, so don’t feel like you need to save them for when you're entertaining — the more you use them, the better they’ll look and feel. Sold in a set of two, they’re offered in 12 colors.


Add These Egyptian Cotton Towels To Your Bathroom

Although this set of towels wasn’t specifically recommended by a designer, it’s still a plush, yet useful pick when it comes to refreshing your place. Each towel is made from Egyptian cotton that’s absorbent and machine washable. This three-piece set will look great displayed on a drying rack and feel so good against your skin.


Create A Unique, Layered Floor Look With This Faux-Hide Rug

No one would ever believe you found this exquisite, faux-hide rug on Amazon, but everyone who sees it will be sure to compliment it. The 5-by-7-foot, cheetah-print rug is eye-catching on its own, but Erin Gates, interior designer and New York Times best-selling author, notes that you can pair it with an existing rug for a newer, and more elevated, aesthetic. She tells The Zoe Report, "Layering an organically shaped faux hide over a basic sisal or jute rug amps up interest and creates a layered, thoughtful look." Try layering this over the natural fiber rug that was featured earlier.


Give Your Coffee Table An Instant Refresh With This Woven Rattan Serving Tray

Milwaukee-based interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, Anna Franklin, has what might be the simplest hack ever for zhuzhing up your living or dining room: A tray. “Easily refresh your coffee table by adding a new tray. This rattan serving tray is a great base for styling. Just add accent pieces like large beads, candles, and other items of vary heights to create intrigue to your space." You can, of course, use this to serve breakfast in bed, too.


Use New, Matching Frames To Create A Gallery Wall

Sometimes, a home refresh is as simple as hanging your photos — just ask Franklin. “[An] easy way to update your home is with new picture frames,” she points out. “If you have old, outdated ones, you can replace them with new cohesive frames that are the same color. These 11-by-14 black frames are perfect for a gallery wall." If you don’t love black, note that these frames also come 10 other colors, including gold, white, and dark red.


Customize The Light In Any Room With This Color-Changing, Touch-Control Lamp

"This touch sensor LED lamp is a sophisticated and modern piece, perfect if you like having access at the touch of your [finger],” Gutierrez explains. She’s also a fan of how versatile it is. “Not only can it also serve as decor, but you can control the brightness intensity with a sensor, making this the best lighting solution for bedrooms with a minimal and modern style." It lights up in all sorts of colors — the entire spectrum of the rainbow — making it fun for a kid’s room or on nights when you’re hosting a party or movie viewing.


Create An Organized Space In Your Closet For Your Handbags

Your purses and handbags deserve better than being left on the floor of your closet. This handbag organizer is not only the ultimate space saver, but it also provides a safe and organized place to store your bags. It has four large pockets measuring 10 inches tall and two small pockets that are 7 inches tall. The chrome hooks and reinforced stitching ensure this organizer will stay securely attached to your closet door.

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