You Can Now Sign One Lease That Allows You To Live All Over The World

In what is probably the best news millennials will hear all year, a new company called Roam has invented an apartment lease that will allow you to live in amazing locations all over the world. These co-living spaces can be rented by the week, the month, or longer, and are priced at either $500 a week or $1800 a month, whether you’re setting up shop in Miami or Ubud.

These spaces are imagined to be different than an Airbnb rental, as they’re intended for people who can live and work from anywhere, but who might want a built-in sense of community wherever they go. Founder Bruno Haid, who lived and worked all over the world in his twenties, wanted to create a solution for fellow nomads which could alleviate some of the loneliness inherent in that kind of lifestyle.

Roam residents will have their own room and bathroom, but they will share co-working space and other communal areas with other Roam residents. One of the positives of this scenario, aside from the potential for fast friendships and shared knowledge, is that the communal kitchens, for example, are said to be “chef quality.”

The company hopes to attract demographics outside of those in their twenties as well. Haid told Fast Company magazine, “it’s not just for the young single freelancer,” says Haid. “It’s for the couple in their late 30s who are going to have kids and want to downsize for a year or two. Or the empty-nesters who say the kids are in college, let’s travel the world for two or three years.”

Roam currently owns spaces in Bali and Miami, with Madrid, Buenos Aires, and London opening soon. Additional locations (8 to 10 in total) will follow by 2017.