The Working From Home Etiquette Guide

A woman working from home sitting on her ottoman with her dog, laptop in front of her checking out h...

Working from home seems like the ultimate golden opportunity – images of answering emails and taking conference calls in your pajamas and rolling out of bed just before 9am. While this can be your reality, you might find that your productivity and focus are much more on point if you create a professional environment for yourself. Of course there are some benefits and some lines to be blurred – maybe you take that 12:15pm Pilates class and take a bit longer of a lunch break to shower up before getting back to your computer, but generally speaking there are a few rules to keep in mind to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.


Homework 101

Get up, take a shower, and get dressed. Other than being a great way to wake up your body and mind from your night of beauty sleep, it will make you feel fresh and ready to tackle your inbox. Eat breakfast and make your coffee before you sit down to start your day, just like you would in an office.

While it can be tempting to cozy up to your couch with your laptop, you are guaranteed to be in more of a productive brain space if you are at a proper table or desk and chair. Even if it’s a small area, make it workable, neat and conducive to high-powered thinking. Have your desk accessories at hand and either face a window or maybe an inspirational gallery wall. Whatever works for you, but ensure it is something pleasant but not too distracting.

If you are working remotely from an office, be sure to be available during designated working hours. Ensure your phone is fully charged and that there will be no connection issues for your phone or Internet. If you are traveling and in a new environment, give everything a test run the day before or as soon as you arrive to give yourself time to troubleshoot any issues.

If you have calls to make or attend, be sure to be in a quiet environment away from any noise like pets barking, construction, etc.

This one is for you. It’s easy to graze all day and sometimes snacking can be a good way to take a break, but you’ll be much more productive if you ensure your fridge is fully stocked and take time to actually eat actual meals. Maybe even do a little advanced meal planning ahead of the week so you’re not standing in front of your fridge starving.

While working from home can definitely be a gift, we are all human and sometimes the distractions of the T.V. or your dog or your pile of bills can lead you astray from your tasks at hand. The beauty of working from home is the ability to change up your environment – if you’re not feeling the work vibes flowing, take yourself to a coffee shop for the morning. Sometimes just some ambient noise and a proper latte can jump start your creative juices.