The Instagram Rich List Is Seriously Bonkers

The last thing we needed to know as we hustle to get work done in advance of a meager four-day holiday for which we are sadly super grateful is that some people make more on one Instagram post than we make in a year (or even, in some cases, five years). Unfortunately, someone decided to depress us with this unsolicited information and, because misery loves company, we’re passing it along to you. Among the top ten earners are LeBron James ($120,000 per post), Gigi Hadid ($120,000 per post), Cara Delevingne ($150,000 per post), Kourtney Kardashian ($250,000 per post), Khloe Kardashian ($150,000 per post), Kendall Jenner ($370,000 per post), Kylie Jenner ($400,000 per post), Cristiano Ronaldo ($400,000 per post), Kim Kardashian ($500,000 per post) and Selena Gomez ($500,000 per post). We have actually been rendered speechless by these staggering sums, though we have to admit that we’re impressed by the restraint exercised by most of the names on this list when it comes to taking on sponsored posts, because if someone was offering us $500,000 to take two seconds to post something on Instagram, we’d be doing that all day, every day.

Regardless, we’re sorry to have ruined your day. If it makes you feel any better, apparently people who make zillions of dollars aren’t any happier than those who just make enough to pay their bills, so we guess it’s fine that we work 40-plus-hour weeks for a pittance while these already-rich people make ungodly sums of money for doing something we do for free. Not bitter, not bitter at all.