The One Thing Gwyneth Paltrow Wishes You Wouldn’t Do At Work

by Stephanie Montes

As makeup creative director of Juice Beauty and founder of lifestyle website Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow knows a thing or two about leading a team. So what advice does a multi-hyphenate boss lady have for young go-getters trying to make it in the professional world? It’s simple. “Don’t act really tired and disinterested—that’s not good in a workplace. When people walk in and say ‘I’m so tired,’ it’s very demotivating,” she explains as she slumps over and pretends to look out of it. “You want people to be engaged. If you’re that tired, go home.” While it may sound harsh, she manages to make the advice feel genuine. Thanks for the tip, GP! A good rule of thumb: If you’re lucky enough to have landed your dream job, show your boss how much you love it.

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