Google’s New Job Search Tool Will Probably Change Your Life

Right now, you’re probably thinking more about your summer vacation plans than you are about taking the next step in your career, but Google has a new product that might shift your priorities. Google for Jobs is an aggregator that allows you to search for open positions across a variety of boards including LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook and more. You can filter your search based on the type of job you’re seeking, the city in which you’d prefer it to be located and more. What’s even handier, though, is that you don’t have to visit the landing page in order to search. Instead, you can simply type “jobs near me” into Google and it will populate those nearest to you in a special module in much the same way that Google Flights operates. Below, a screenshot of the results we got when we typed “writing jobs near me” into our browser for reference. Pretty cool, right? The only downside is that now you may feel like you have no excuse to ignore your career in favor of soaking up the sun. But regardless, this product enables an efficient search that will leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy summer Fridays.