8 Things You Should Never Wear To Work

When it comes to workwear, sometimes it can be hard to tell these days what’s appropriate and what isn’t. But even if you work for a tech startup with a T-shirt-and-jeans environment, we encourage you to remain somewhat polished in your appearance as, unfortunately, books are still judged by their covers, and looking professional counts. Besides, if you’re wearing something so short that those around you fear they may become privy to TMI any minute, it’s not great for productivity. Here, eight items we don’t think you should wear, no matter what your office culture may be.

We're all for a sophisticated pair of heels, but nothing looks more ridiculous than someone tottering around the office in shoes she can barely stand up in. Rule of thumb? If a Real Housewife cast member would wear them to Sur on a Monday night, you should not wear them to the office, ever.

We love your curves, but at the office they should be left to the imagination or, rather, not thought about at all. Nothing is more distracting than boobs and booty hanging out all over the place—keep it tailored but loose.

Crop tops are not quite what they used to be back in the early '00s. These days, one can wear a cropped ensemble and still look quite classy. That said, it's still not particularly appropriate to show belly skin in the office, no matter how chic and on-trend your ensemble.

Much like your tummy, what lies above should be covered when in professional settings. This is easier for some of us—those who couldn't create cleavage if they tried (and we've tried!)—than it is for others, but the general rule of thumb is that low-cut tops should be reserved for after-hours socializing.

Depending on your field of employment, denim is typically acceptable, even if only on casual Fridays. However, distressed denim, or anything with holes and rips in it, should be reserved for the weekends. You may "get it," but that doesn't mean your client will.

Nothing's worse than when you arrive to work, head into the bathroom and are suddenly confronted with the reality that your dress or top is completely sheer. This happens to the best of us from time to time, but it's really uncomfortable for everyone around you, and so should be avoided at all costs. If there's any question, add a slip or camisole to the look!

We find that the younger the employee, the more likely she is to wear inappropriately short skirts to work. Not to be school marms, but you should test the length of your skirt before leaving the house by standing with your arms hung down by your sides: where the fingertips touch is how long your skirt should be. Nothing, even thongs that show through accidentally sheer sheaths, is more distracting at work than a super-short skirt. This isn't Coachella.

It can be tough to fit in workouts before office hours and still find time for a shower and a change. Try your best to at least refresh before heading into the office by ditching your sweaty workout gear for an easy-to-throw-on dress and some deodorant. Nothing looks less professional than a sports bra and leggings at the office, no matter how on-trend athleisure is.