5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Younger

If you’re in need of a lighthearted comedy to binge-watch following Making A Murderer , look no further than Younger. The plot revolves around Liza Miller (played by Sutton Foster), who gets tangled in a web of living a 26-year-old’s life after she fibs about her age. Her little white lie escalates into a full-fledged metamorphosis, which involves embarking on a new career path and getting involved with a very attractive younger man. In case you haven’t seen it, here are 5 reasons you should start watching. (And if you have, don’t miss the Season 2 premiere tonight on TV Land.)

Homepage photo: @nicotortorella


Nico Tortorella's Gratuitous Shirtless Moments

Nico, who plays Liza's love interest Josh, has a penchant for appearing shirtless onscreen. If you're a fan of tattoos and washboard abs, he will quickly become your favorite part of the show.


Hilary Duff's (Major) Return To TV

Be still, our pop-loving hearts: Younger marks Hilary Duff's biggest return to the small screen since Lizzie McGuire. While we appreciated her guest-starring role in Gossip Girl in 2009, this was the kind of rising-from-the-ashes moment we hoped to see from her. She plays Liza's coworker Kelsey, a peppy publishing associate who (unknowingly) helps Liza navigate the waters of living an authentic twenty-something lifestyle.


The Relatable Workplace Struggle

Liza's gig at the publishing house is assistant to Diana Trout, a pouty, bitter exec who often belittles Liza on account of her "age" and fires off laundry lists of unreasonable demands. Liza's struggle to appease her hard-to-please boss may be exaggerated, but is a relatable struggle nonetheless.


Romantic(ish) One-Liners

Liza's relationship with Josh often produces situations and one-liners so cheesy they're actually aww-worthy. Call us suckers, but we're into it.


It Fills The "Sex And The City" Void

There are undeniable parallels between Younger and Sex and the City, the strongest being the female leads living a quintessential NYC lifestyle and navigating the dating scene with an overarching fashion bent. Makes sense, as Darren Star is the writer behind both shows. Liza's no Carrie Bradshaw, but endearing and attention-grabbing in a familiar way.