9 Whiskey Cocktails That Go Beyond The Classic Old Fashioned

Give the spirit new life.

Jordan Lye/Moment/Getty Images

Anne Lister’s Diaries

The Manor Bar in Montecito, CA created this cocktail as an homage to the “first modern queer woman.” The smoky drink consists of Johnnie Walker High Rye, Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac, Cynar, walnut fig syrup, lemon juice, and an egg white.

The Manor Bar

The Penicillin

For Chicago-based distillery Judson & Moore, this cocktail is one of the most-requested. To make, simply add .75 oz lemon juice and .25 oz Liquid Alchemist ginger honey syrup to a shaker, then 2 oz single malt whiskey. Fill the glass with ice and shake for 30 seconds, then double strain your drink into a coupe glass and top with a dried lemon slice garnish.

Judson & Moore