Style Your Space With This Must-Have Home Collab


We love when good home décor intersects with good fashion sense. West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday bring the spirit of comfortable weekends at home to life through their just-launched capsule collection. Staying true to the design aesthetic of both brands, the result is a collaboration that feels fresh, modern and happy, boasting a punchy assortment of furniture, bedding, rugs and accessories. Whether you’re doing some routine sprucing or a total décor overhaul, look to this lineup to bring home cheery weekend vibes on the daily.

Style Your Space With West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday

Retro Wing Chair


West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday

Retro Wing Chair

Punch up your pad with a splatter-print chair. This statement piece adds panache to any barren corner of your space and gives houseguests a cozy place to kick up their feet.

Small Scale Maze Dhurrie Rug


West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday

Zigzag Rug

A graphic rug is the perfect finishing touch to tie together a curated living area.

Floral Study Pillow Cover


West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday

Patterned Pillows

Create an inviting space with a thoughtful assortment of mismatched pillows on your sofa—we love the groovy shag texture and thematic array of prints in this lineup.

Globe Floor Lamp


West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday

Modern Floor Lamp

Let there be light! Add some urban flair to any room with a modern, sculptural floor lamp.