The 10 Foods Wellness Experts Swear By

These days, there’s so much nutrition information floating around that if you’re not overwhelmed trying to figure out what to eat for optimal health, you’re either Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon or you’ve given up entirely and are currently ordering Domino’s. We’re always curious what the former’s close-knit group of health experts eat on a regular basis, assuming this knowledge constitutes a shorthand diet for us mere mortals. So we asked them! Below, 10 foods wellness gurus can’t live without.


Eat These Now


Nori Sheets

"Think of nori as your new toast, wrap or taco shell, and fill it with more raw food: avocado, cultured veggies and herbs, miso paste, spiced nut blends and greens. It's one of the most easily assimilated sources of minerals and an awesome way to get iron, calcium and iodine. It's a detoxifier, alkalizer, lymphatic cleanser and liver and thyroid supporter."

—Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice


Leafy Greens

"They're the ultimate superfood, filled with prebiotic plant fiber for a healthy gut and detoxifying chlorophyll for total body well-being. Eating a minimum of six to eight cups of greens daily is our not-so secret for clear skin!"

—Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, co-founders of Sakara Life



"To be really honest, I can't live without them. The occasional big bowl of pasta, slice of pizza or my favorite dessert is what helps bring balance to my hyper-wellness-focused world."

—Geri Hirsch, founder of Because I'm Addicted

Courtesy of HUM Nutrition


"Why? They're basically a crossover of butter and a superfood, absolutely delicious, packed with nutrients and healthy fats that give you the most health and beauty benefits. Can't live without!"

—Walter Faulstroh, CEO and co-founder of Hum Nutrition

Courtesy of Nicole Granato

Reishi Mushrooms

"Reishi is often referred to as the mushroom of immortality. I've been drinking mushrooms for the past year, and I add reishi to every blend. Easily made into a tea or tonic or added to a smoothie. it's one of the most essential superfoods I have in my diet and I recommend everybody try it. I drink it before I go to sleep at night. Reishi is known to boost the immune system by raising the amount of macrophages and T-cells, which has major effects for people suffering with immune disorders and cancer, since T-cells are able to fight cancer cells more effectively. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, heart disease and stroke as well as anxiety, depression and skin disorders."

—Nicole Granato, women's health expert

Courtesy of Kimberly Snyder


"One of my top beauty foods, spinach is high in beta-carotene, which converts to powerful, anti-aging vitamin A. It promotes youthful skin by allowing proper moisture retention in the epidermis, helping to prevent wrinkles, remove dead skin cells from your body and make room for fresh new ones. Spinach also contains lipoic acid, which helps antioxidant vitamins C and E regenerate—important nutrients for maintaining youthful skin. This is not to mention the many minerals and other phytonutrients. Get your skin-beautifying portion daily with my signature Glowing Green Smoothie!"

—Kimberly Snyder, author and nutritionist



"It's a wonder spice highly touted for its anti-inflammatory, disease-preventing benefits. It has been researched heavily for its cancer-fighting properties and is a supplement many doctors and naturopaths recommend taking daily. Most commonly used in savory dishes like curry, it can also be found in the produce section of your supermarket in root form—it looks similar to ginger. I like to peel it and blend it directly into my morning smoothies, or use the spice to make warm and frothy golden milk—almond milk, turmeric, raw honey, cinnamon and a pinch of black pepper to increase absorption."

—Liz Arch, founder of Primal Yoga



"I absolutely love them. I have a whole boiled one with a French vinaigrette at least once a week. And they're good for heart health!"

—Lulu Luchaire, co-founder of Torii Labs

Courtesy of Pursoma


"Bragg's Organic Healthy Vinaigrette. I use it on all salads and cooked vegetable dishes."

—Shannon Vaughn, founder of Pursoma


Breakfast Salad

"It's my absolute favorite meal—super healthy and it takes me through a long day of teaching Pilates. It's full of leafy greens (my favorites are arugula with broccoli micro-greens) and has a bonus egg (or two) on top for flavor and protein—no sacrifice necessary."

—Heather Andersen, founder of New York Pilates