How To Work It Out Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to look like a model. OK, it’s nearly impossible unless you’re a serious gene-pool winner. Enter Adriana Lima, one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels who rocked the runway at the lingerie mecca’s show in London last week (it airs on CBS tonight). So how does the gorgeous Brazilian get her incredible body into Angel shape? We asked her for a few of her workout tricks and tips. Because seriously, if there was someone’s body we would like to emulate, she’s a good choice.

Adriana's Wellness Regimen

Her Favorite Workout

Photo: @adrianalima

"Boxing. It is a full mind and body workout."

Her Motivation To Hit The Gym

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What's On Her Playlist Right Now

Photo: Prodigy's The Fat Of The Land (1997)

"I actually have been listening to Prodigy's album The Fat of the Land to keep me pumped during a workout."

The Angel wings I wear onstage aren't extraordinarily heavy, but I definitely do shoulder presses for sexy arms.

The Exercise That's Worth The Burn

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"Burpees. They are a full body workout, but they are horrible!"

The Perks Of A Gym Buddy

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"I workout with my cousin a lot. I think working out with a buddy helps you stay motivated, but it is also a good support system when you feel like you can't do one more rep."

Benefits Of A Workout (Besides A Bangin' Bod)

Photo: Victoria's Secret/Tom Concordia

"Glowing skin and self-confidence."

My final workout is always the night before the show so I have time to let my body rest since our day starts so early.

Her Routine Leading Up To The Show

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"I kick up the workouts to twice daily leading up to the Fashion Show."

Exercise Like An Angel