The One Thing Every Wellness-Obsessed Girl Is Adding To Her Diet

One curious doctor recently set out to see if turmeric—a spice purported to reduce inflammation in the body—actually warranted its hype. What he found, in short, was that turmeric did prove to have a positive effect on genes that cause certain diseases (namely, depression, asthma, eczema and cancer), especially when mixed into food. Turmeric supplements were, in contrast, not as effective. One researcher speculated that adding fat to or heating the powder may make its active ingredients more soluble. So, we should probably all be spicing up our daily diet if we want to optimize our health. Here, seven super easy ways to do so.


7 Easy Ways To Add Turmeric Into Your Diet

Or mix up some olive oil, lemon juice, turmeric, salt and pepper to create your own dressing.

We love a sweet potato, carrot and brussels sprouts combo, but use whatever veggies you like. You can also add a dash to kale or spinach when sautéing.

Toss in the turmeric when you add the seltzer. The spice complements a variety of other egg dishes too.

Chicken noodle, vegetable, matzo ball, pho, ramen and like varieties all play well with a sprinkle of turmeric, though you can really stir a dash into any steaming bowl.

Simply add a dash of turmeric to store-bought ginger tea, or make your own fresh brew using water, turmeric, freshly ground ginger, milk and honey.

Turmeric pairs well with basmati rice, which as we already know can have less arsenic than other varieties.

Need a recipe? We love this Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie with Turmeric.