6 Things All Night Owls Understand

Morning people may get all the glory (and society’s inherent permission to be smug), but that doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve it. Research shows there’s a link between nocturnal lifestyles and intelligence, suggesting night owls may be more evolved than the rest of society—and also more creative. Who’s smug now? Here, six things all night-lovers understand.

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You Either Get It Or You Don't

Just kidding! We totally have real jobs ourselves, but they're really hard to manage when your preferred bedtime is any time after 2am. As a result, caffeine is necessary for our livelihood.

It's not exactly useful when you have a day job, though it's incredibly useful if you're trying to make your side hustle into a full-time thing.

If you live in LA, as we do, this means you have approximately three restaurants on late-night speed dial, since this city definitely caters more to the early risers.

While the morning people at your office are peacefully slumbering, you're watching the entire first season of The OA in one night. This might be considered productive—if you work as a TV critic.

And you hit snooze at least half a dozen times every morning.

As already mentioned, it's just not socially acceptable to stay up all night. It can be hard to have relationships with early risers, who think your natural rhythm is a sign of laziness. Feel free to forward this article to anyone in your life who's making you feel bad about yourself—the early bird may get the worm, but the night owls are too evolved to care (wink, wink).