Is There A Natural Way To Overcome Anxiety And Insomnia?

According to Vogue , the newest trend in natural health involves ingesting the “vibes” of flowers, otherwise known and marketed as floral essences. Rather than consuming the actual plant product, this trend entails ingesting the water in which the flowers have been steeped as a cure for long-term or situational emotional and mental woes such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Intrigued, we asked Flora Luna founder Alisa Gould-Simon which essences she suggests we try for anxiety and insomnia—two of our biggest lifestyle adversaries. Here’s what she advised.

Find the Root of Your Issues

For these miracle essences to have any effect, you should first consider the causes of your problems. “​I’d recommend trying to get to the bottom of what might be causing the anxiety or insomnia, and this may require trusted, professional help,” says Gould-Simon. “Number one, turn off the screen. Watching TV or using a computer or phone at night near your bedtime is sending signals to your brain to stay awake.”

Pair the Essences with Holistic Actions

“If you’re stretched too thin, working too hard and/or feeling emotionally or physically stressed and depleted, I’d recommend pairing our Relief essence with eating nutrient-rich meals, taking hot baths with epsom salt and leaving time in your day for a meditation practice or simple breathing exercises.

“If you’re ‘in your head’ or experiencing unproductive mental chatter that’s keeping you up or creating anxiety, I’d go opt for Purpose with a lavender oil or spray, which can be really calming mentally and physically.

“If it’s a new job, a broken heart or a move across the country that’s causing anxiety, I love our Release, which is made with Angel’s Trumpet. It helps shed whatever isn’t serving you during times of transition.”

Other Spiritual Benefits

Flora Luna’s essences are handcrafted exclusively during a full moon, allowing them to soak in a full moon cycle as well as a sun cycle, packing each tincture with the most celestial power possible. We had no idea what this means, so we asked.

“There is a belief that placing water in the moonlight activates it,” Gould-Simon says. “So, by working with water under the full moonlight, it is essentially activating the water and therefore capturing more of the flower’s essence. Countless cultures and religions also associate the sun with masculine energy and the moon with feminine energy, so making essences during the time of the month when both are full is also tied to this and stems from an interest in creating the most ‘balanced’ essence possible.”

Do They Help?

Western science may have yet to validate the health benefits claimed by floral essence enthusiasts—and many say the effects are placebo in nature—but those who, like us, would try anything to quiet anxiety, cure crippling insomnia or just calm the emotional tides that come with that time of the month will likely take a placebo effect over no effect at all. Besides, who doesn’t want to believe there’s a magic potion out there that will help them find love? The idea is so very Teen Witch, and by that we mean we’re definitely down for giving floral essences a shot.

The Right Essence for What Ails You

To Reduce Stress

RELIEF essence, which is made from Grape Hyacinth, helps to relieve physical trauma and stress. It's associated with the stomach, where stress is known to wreak havoc.

To Reduce Anxiety

PURPOSE extract, which is made from Passionflower, helps to quiet mental noise so you can connect to your inner voice with greater clarity.

To Ease Transitions

The RELEASE essence, which is made from Angel's Trumpet, helps you let go of emotions that aren't serving you and can be especially useful during times of transition.

For Confidence

STRENGTH essence is made from wild pink rose, which enhances feelings of confidence and calm. It is purported to be good for those in search of love.

For Reproductive Health & Sexual Healing

PASSION essence, which is made from hibiscus, can be helpful for those facing reproductive challenges or healing from sexual trauma. It is also purported to release pent-up passion and spark sexuality.

For Increased Focus & Creativity

CLARITY, a lemon flower essence, stimulates the imagination and increases clarity of thought.