Vogue Touts A Health Craze That Won’t Kill Your Buzz

In what might be the best news we’ve heard all…well, ever, Vogue is now prescribing alcohol for what ails us, and not in the way you might think (Netflix + wine = medicine). Rather, they’ve investigated the new healthful cocktail craze currently sweeping some of the nation’s trendiest restaurants—a movement that not only removes sugary additives from alcoholic beverages but goes a step further by including nourishing and even medicinal ingredients into the mix. Things like beet juice, tea, chlorella powder, wheatgrass, kale and marine plankton extract are all fair game now when it comes to a mixologist’s arsenal, and their benefits can actually, in some cases, be amplified by booze. (Herbal tinctures have long been made using alcohol.)

According to Vogue, the key to making healthful cocktails at home “lies in making tweaks like conscious ingredient swaps, authentic natural sugars, artisanal spirits, less potent pours and slow sips.” They also purport that bitter greens like kale, parsley or cilantro will help counterbalance the negative effects of the alcohol on your liver, which sounds like a great way to justify last weekend’s many cilantro-infused jalapeño margaritas. Click here for five similarly “healthy” Vogue-approved cocktails to make tonight.