The Best Instagram Accounts for Fitness Inspo


There’s nothing like the holidays to put you in the mood for sweets and savory feasts. But just because you’ll be traveling during the festive season, doesn’t mean it’s time to slack on your fitness routine. Get motivated to reach your health goals with 11 Instagram feeds sure to inspire. From healthy recipes to workout ideas see how to make being fit, fun. Follow these accounts to kickstart that healthy lifestyle. After all, if not now, when?


This account makes prove you can take your practice anywhere from the beach to your hotel room.


Follow along the journey of this athlete who is committed to a plant-based diet.


Motivational quotes meets celebrity fit guides on Shape Magazine’s Instagram.


Prepare to have flexibility envy of this Singapore based fitness pro.


Getting toned has never looked so fun.


While we're not necessarily suggesting you stop in the middle of Manhattan to practice yoga, Kerri Verna makes a convincing case for taking your practice with you while traveling.


This fitness fanatic will inspire you to transform the beach or a local park into your gym.


Workouts designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, which prove to be even more fun with a fitness partner in crime.


Equal parts healthy recipes and workout ideas, the images on this account are sure to put you in a god mood.


Self Magazine is full of inspo for a balanced lifestyle. Think early morning workouts followed by stacks of blueberry pancakes.


The pilates loving author of Hot Body Year Round focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle.