How To Have The Best Sleep Of Your Life

As we all know, sleep is the best part of even the best day, and yet we tend to find ourselves constantly lacking the quality ZZZs we need in order to be both happy and healthy. Since everyone’s looking to remedy this (and ASAP), we thought we’d put together a definitive guide for getting the best sleep of your life. Here, everything you need to know about getting a good night’s rest, including how to create the perfect sleep haven, what time you should hit the hay and more.


Sweet Dreams, Baby


Create A Sleep Haven

Where you sleep—and under what conditions—has a huge impact on the quality. Here, six tips for maximizing your slumber space.

Hill House Home

Optimize Your Bedding

Here, bedding tips from Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond, including her take on whether threadcount counts or not.


Cultivate A Routine

Here, 10 things all healthy people do before bed.


Go To Bed At This Time

Everyone is different in terms of how much sleep they need to function optimally. You should know what your number is, but if you need inspiration, here are the bedtimes of the world's most successful people.


Rise Early

Really early. Here's how one editor changed her life by setting the alarm for 5 am every morning. Don't think you can do it? Here, our tips for actually getting up when you're supposed to.


Consider Aesthetics

Okay, so the cuteness factor of your sleepwear might not actually impact how well you sleep, but in fairness, not enough research has been done on the matter for us to say definitively one way or the other. Here, the most adorable pajama sets to buy now.

Get Your Beauty Rest, Too

Sleep is a great tool for improving skin. Here's how to wake up radiant, from the outside in.

Try New Treatments

One insomnia-plagued editor ended her sleepless nights forever, thanks to Selena Gomez. Find out how she did it here.