Selena Gomez’s Trainer Shares The 10 Things You Should Buy At The Grocery Store

We’d love if someone could regularly get our groceries for us (indeed, InstaCart is one of our guilty pleasures) but the next best thing is having a celeb-trusted health guru do half the work by creating a shopping list. As it goes, ask and you shall receive—we tapped Amy Rosoff Davis, the trainer responsible for Selena Gomez’s kick-ass figure, to share what items should be in our carts. Here, the wellness expert shares what she always keeps on hand, plus easy recipes and ways to integrate these nutritious foods into your diet.


Amy Rosoff Davis Shares Her Grocery List

Organic Lemons

"I use fresh-squeezed lemon constantly to add flavor to everything from water to salad dressing to grilled fish. Lemons are the most alkalizing food, which means they balance acids in your body and restore your pH level—they also aid in digestion and detoxification, contain a high amount of vitamin C (which helps with anti-aging) and clean your liver and bowels, among other things."

Organic Avocados

"I eat half an avocado almost every day. Whether you put it in a salad, on a sandwich, mashed as guacamole or even sliced with your eggs, it is a delicious, versatile food that has a ton of vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Avocados are good for your skin, help you absorb vitamins, can aid in weight loss ... the list goes on."

Justin's Peanut Butter

"Justin's brand nut butters are organic and delicious. Spread on celery, an apple or whole wheat bread with good jam for a delicious old-school snack. (Tip: I usually only eat a half of a sandwich and then have an apple, salad or veggie along with it!)

Organic Ghee

"Ghee is clarified butter, which is the clear part of butter that forms and separates when you heat it. Ghee is dairy-free and contains medium chain fatty acids (which are absorbed by the liver for energy, which helps burn fat). Ghee also supports a healthy digestive tract, and is rich in vitamin A and E. I use ghee on my toast and when cooking and baking. Just make sure you buy an organic brand—I like Organic Valley, which you can find at Whole Foods."

Maldon Salt

"Maldon is a French flake salt that has less sodium than iodized salt. Also, since you pinch it and sprinkle it over your food, you have control of how much you use. I am a salt freak—I put it on everything because I love flavor, but with Maldon, nothing gets too salty or has too much sodium."

Bragg Products

"I love this brand—particularly the liquid aminos, olive oil, yeast flakes and apple cider vinegar. The liquid aminos seasoning is essentially soy sauce, and a great source of amino acids and plant protein. Their premium quality cold-pressed olive oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and natural antioxidants—I use it to roast veggies and in salad dressing and marinades. The yeast flakes have a nutty/parmesan taste and are great in salads, popcorn, vegetables and dips—they are a low-sodium, cholesterol-free way to add flavor. Their apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes, helps control weight, promotes digestion and pH balance, helps remove toxins, boosts your immune system and is good for your stomach and throat. I make a salad with Bragg olive oil, half an organic lemon, Maldon salt and yeast flakes almost every day."

Organic Celery

"Celery is crunchy, refreshing and full of water. I use celery in everything from chicken salad to soup, and it's also great to snack on—it pairs well with Justin's peanut butter."


"I love snacking on fresh local veggies—carrots in particular are so versatile and important for a cook’s kitchen. Whether consumed raw or roasted, carrots are delicious and full of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants, plus they help lower cholesterol. I love to use them in the base of soups and sauces, and cooked with olive oil, herbs and Maldon salt."

Hampton Creek Just Mayo

"Just Mayo tastes just like traditional mayonnaise but is soy and dairy free. It is so yummy, and better for you than the original. Selena loves it!"

Persian Cucumbers

"Cucumbers are refreshing, delicious, low-calorie and full of skin-friendly minerals and vitamins—the Persian varietal is smaller and sweeter than the larger ones. I love to dip them in tahini, drizzle with olive oil and Maldon salt, or slice them and marinate in rice wine vinegar, mirin (a Japanese sweet rice wine), sesame seeds, a dash of sesame oil and Bragg liquid aminos. I make that for Selena all the time and she loves it."