Ruth Bader Ginsburg Works Out Harder Than The Victoria’s Secret Angels

If this tale doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. Apparently, a Politico reporter decided to try out 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout—and barely lived to tell the tale. Ben Schreckinger linked up with RBG’s personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, in an attempt to re-create the fitness routine the justice does twice a week. Her workout starts with a little time on the elliptical machine and some light stretching (easy enough), but quickly segues into more intensive moves like weight lifting (RBG can bench 70 pounds!), doing push-ups, planking and much, much more—only concluding after a whopping 90 minutes. When she heard that Ben was going to attempt her intense regimen, RBG apparently cheekily responded, “I hope he makes it through.” According to the reporter himself, she was right to be concerned—it was much more difficult than he had anticipated. And while RBG’s zinger might be the best part of the story, we can’t help but also be charmed by the revelation that she listens to PBS NewsHour while she’s pumping iron. Everything about this just feels like major #goals, especially since we prefer drinking mimosas with friends over exercising—or, you know, making history as a Supreme Court Justice. Long live the Notorious RBG!