4 Quick Workout Moves To Do At Home

Whether you are traveling constantly or just have a jam-packed schedule, hitting the gym is not always a feasible option. We asked Tsarra Bequette of Physique 57 to show us a few multitasking moves to try at home (or in a hotel) and the result is a quick circuit that’ll whip you into shape—just in time for hitting the beach this weekend!

Pump Up The Jams

Side Plank With Twist

Repeat 5-8 times. This move works your entire core with an extra focus on your obliques.

Swivel Chair with Shimmy

This move targets your thighs, waistline, and oblique muscles. Work up to 60 seconds on each side to trim and tone your waistline.

Lunge with Lat Pulls

Build up to 60 seconds each side to give you sculpted legs, a strong and toned back, and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Back Dance With Leg Kick

Repeat on both sides 15-20 reps to target your erector spinae, seat, and lower back muscles.