11 Ways To Practice Self-Care In 15 Minutes (Or Less)

by The Everygirl

Ah, self-care. It’s my drug of choice. In my book, there’s nothing better after a loooooong, annoying week than popping on a face mask, grabbing a good book and curling burrito-style into a massive down comforter. But, too often, self-care is delegated to last on our War and Peace-sized to-do list. Guilty.

Here, I’m outlining 11 things you can do for yourself that take practically no time at all (i.e., 15 minutes, the agreed upon amount of time you can refer to as “no time at all!”). You can thank me later.

1. Try power poses.

Start the day off on a confident foot by trying power posing — basically standing like Wonder Woman—for a quick two or three minutes before you pop out the door. Embrace the awkward, recognize that no one is filming you in this moment (I promise), and be bold about your stance. You could even recite a mantra if you’re feeling really gung-ho that morning. (Too silly? I, a registered sarcastic, completely understand.)

2. Sit down and drink a full glass of water.

Pour yourself a tall drink of (really, really cold) water and sit down and drink the whole glass. You don’t have to slam it like a tequila shot (unless you’re into water like that), but try not to do anything else—i.e., check Instagram—while you’re drinking it. It’s a moment of reflection that also knocks something off your endless to-do list. Assuming “drink more water” is on your to-do list as it’s on mine, right under “bump casually into Kit Harington.” You know, regular, normal people tasks.

3. Do a faux “Get Ready with Me” makeup tutorial for yourself (and your pets, because they’ll be ~riveted~)

I usually wake up already at least 30 minutes behind schedule, so it’s slapdash makeup at best. But I relish the times when I can really put effort into each step. The next morning you’re running suspiciously early, try going through your makeup process as if you were presenting your own “everyday makeup” tutorial (because you’ve been getting so many requests). It’s a little bout of whimsy that will put you on a high for the rest of the morning and ensure your makeup is #flawless.

4. Do a quick facial massage

Facial massage is hella good for your skin — it drains your lymph nodes (gross but necessary) and de-stresses you overall. You can get a fancy roller like this one, or just use your plain ol’ fingers. This tutorial is aces and super easy to follow.

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