7 De-Stressing Phrases That Actually Work

by Nicole Bustamante

A little stress from time to time can be a good thing as it can motivate us to push ourselves. But too much can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. As impossible as it feels to try and stay balanced, self-care should always come first. On those crazy days when you feel overwhelmed, a little pep talk can make a big difference. Psychologist and author Christian Jarrett wrote in a piece for Womankind magazine: “One simple self-talk tip is to say to yourself ‘You can do it!’ rather than ‘I can do it!’ Research has found that using the second person boosts performance better and makes us more willing to take on challenges, perhaps because this phrasing reminds us of support we received from others.” Indeed, self-affirmations can help us regulate our emotions and put things in perspective. Try reciting a few aloud every morning while looking at yourself in the mirror or in a quiet space during your day where you can be free of distraction. Here, seven motivating phrases that will give you a much-needed boost in even the most dire moment.

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Stress Begone