5 PMS Remedies That Actually Work

Next to a head-pounding hangover, premenstrual symptoms take the cake as one of the most annoying things to deal with. To make matters worse, it persists over a course of multiple days in the form of cramps, bloating, fatigue and mood swings. With a hectic daily schedule we know you’ve got no time to deal with such nuisance so to mitigate the monthly woes we’ve culled tips for kicking PMS to the curb every time.


Bye-Bye PMS

Take Evening Primrose Oil

We swear by this as a skin savior for hormonal breakouts, but evening primrose oil also helps alleviate symptoms of PMS. Its fatty acids are said to relieve breast tenderness, bloating and cramps while simultaneously helping balance hormones—regulating the menstrual cycle and mood swings. Take three capsules daily starting a few days before your period.

Exercise Daily

We know the thought of exercise sounds repulsive when you're bloated and lethargic, however staying active before and during your period curtails water retention and cramps. Short, fast-paced workouts are optimal as your lowered estrogen levels increase energy production, allowing you to push harder.

Avoid Sugar, Salt & Caffeine

The highlight of this time of the month is having an excuse to indulge in all things sweet, savory and salty. Sadly sugar, salt and dairy generate inflammation and only exacerbate a bloated belly. Caffeine, which we often reach for when feeling lethargic, actually constricts blood vessels, making your cramps more intense. If you do find yourself with a sweet craving you can't suppress, opt for dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao—typically lower in sugar—paired with a potassium-rich banana.

Manage Your Stress

Stress can often exacerbate symptoms. Although it is a challenge to reduce daily frustrations and anxiety during hormonal fluctuations and menstrual pain, we suggest taking a breather throughout the day. Block out some time to do cramp-relieving stretches and relax to an aromatherapy candle as you sip on a hot cup of raspberry leaf tea, which helps to minimize spasms.

Use Heating Products

To immediately soothe those godforsaken cramps, apply heat directly onto your pelvic area. While heating pads are a classic option, try a water-activated warming body exfoliant in the shower to massage onto the skin to relax those muscles and smooth the skin for a quick much-needed at-home spa treatment.