This New Alarm Clock App Makes You Pay To Sleep In

by Allure

My morning beauty routine is based on how many times I press the snooze button on my alarm clock. Once: I can do a full face of makeup, complete with cat eyes. Twice: no wings, just tight lining my eyes. If I get to three, a face of makeup is definitely not happening. Lately, I’ve been really trying to kick this snooze habit and just get up on time, and a new alarm app called Dooze might just help me do it—because it’ll empty my wallet if I press the button one too many times. Yup, every time you need a couple more minutes of beauty sleep, the app makes you pay up.

Developers Jade Feng, Junshu Okamoto, and Muhammed Gü created Dooze to make pressing snooze on your alarm clock have some serious consequences. The app connects with Braintree, a branch of PayPal, to charge your credit card every time you silence your alarm clock on your Amazon Alexa device. You can pick how much money you’re willing to pay per snooze. (I think only $3—the cost of cold brew—works for me.) If you snooze a second time, the price goes up. If you snooze again, the app will ask a friend to call and wake you up. No news on where the money goes, but we’re hoping for some kind of charity component when it launches.

Unfortunately it’s not compatible with phones, so it only works if you use Amazon Alexa. And even if you do use Alexa, don’t try to download it just yet. TechCruch reports the app isn’t available because the current version of Alexa doesn’t let users set this kind of alarm. The team is hoping Amazon adds it in the next version of its popular device. Until that happens, I’ll practice pressing the snooze button less often. (But no promises.)

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By Devon Abelman, Allure Associate Digital Editor