Editors’ Picks: The Best Products For A Dreamy Slumber

March 18 is National Sleep Day, which we strongly feel should be a legitimate national holiday (as opposed to a faux one) geared toward, you guessed it, excessive slumbering. Until then, we’ll just have to dream (pun intended!) about cozying into bed at the end of a long day. To help get you in the mood for this celebration of sleep, here are eight things TZR editors can’t catch their Z’s without.


Our Favorite Sleep Products


Angela Melero, Managing Editor

“Infused with soothing lavender this bath bomb delivers the perfect wind-down session after a long stressful day. It’s become my fave pre-snooze session.”


Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"When I get home from work I immediately change into pajamas, and my ensemble wouldn't be complete without these pretty velvet and faux fur slippers. Plus, they're designed for indoors and outdoors so I don't have to switch shoes when I take my dogs out before bed—ensuring that stay in my cozy zone."

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"This cozy cashmere robe is like the adult equivalent of a glass of warm milk. I'm instantly sleepy when I put it on."

Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor

"I generously spritz this lavender scent all over bed, which instantly calms me, gets me in a relaxing mood and encourages me to stop looking at my phone and go to sleep."

Laura Lajiness, Fashion Editor

"I had no idea how poorly I was sleeping until recently, and let me tell you, a quality mattress is a game changer. I finally upgraded to a Casper, which features pressure-relieving memory foam and a breathable, springy layer that keeps you cool and makes it the dreamiest (pun intended) sleep I've had in ages."

Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"I'm obsessed with Murad's City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer. It saves my skin from all the pollution and environmental aggressors I face throughout the day in LA. Above all else, it has an amazing citrus scent and doesn't give me any breakouts."

Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"Call me overdramatic, but it takes me hours to fall asleep when I'm not wearing a satin slip or silk robe. And because I don’t exactly have the luxury of going au naturel (thanks to my shared NYC studio apartment situation), this number ensures I go to bed feeling like Beyoncé and emerge the next morning with that #IWokeUpLikeThis feeling."

Leah Benzie, Social Media Coordinator

"I love these pajamas because they're so comfy and soft, plus every girl needs a grown-up pair of PJs in which to watch endless Friends marathons."

Erin Bunch, Lifestyle Editor

"Even if this doesn't reduce as many wrinkles as it's purported to, I love how cool the silk feels on my skin, especially as temperatures heat up for spring and summer."

Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"My beauty sleep is something I take very seriously—mostly because I am completely zonked out by the end of the day. This overnight mask is my secret weapon for looking refreshed even when I feel like I can't wake up the next morning. I always look much more hydrated and my skin looks firmer when I wear it all night; and the best part is that it motivates me to remove my makeup before I hit the pillow, no matter how lazy I'm feeling."