How Ford Models Are Shaping Up For Summer

Ask us whose looks we’d most like to emulate this summer and the simple categorical answer would be “models”—no surprise there. Though it’s these megababes’ jobs to look good year-round, it turns out they, too, kick it into high gear in the warm-weather months. (See, they are just like us.) Here, six drop-dead-gorgeous Ford gals share the wellness and beauty routines they swear by for the season, from healthy habits to must-have products.


Frances Aaternir

"I definitely step up my workouts right before summer, especially cardio. I also drink loads of water and get lots of sleep. It's much easier to get in shape for summer if you have a vacation to work towards—you always want to look your best in a bikini, so that's great motivation."

Frances' Summer Beauty Essentials

"During summer I ditch foundation for just concealer and bronzer, and of course SPF! I find my hair gets really dry on vacation so I love to make my own coconut oil hair mask. I also can't live without Lucas' Pawpaw ointment—it's Australian and the best lip balm in the world."


Alex Hansen

"I work out on the elliptical and make sure to eat a plant-based lifestyle for the betterment of my body and mind. I don't eat red meat so I take iron supplements to make sure my body is getting the nutrients it needs."

Alex's Summer Beauty Essentials

"I wash my face every morning and before bed, and I never go to sleep with makeup on. Neutrogena makeup remover pads are my absolute favorite because they're not oily. I keep my makeup light because I want to look very natural, so I only wear mascara—my favorite is anything by Maybelline."


Noel Berry

"I get ready for summer by running and taking Pilates classes. In my opinion, Pilates is the best way to get long, lean, toned muscles perfect for your short-shorts or bikini."

Noel's Summer Essentials

"I like my makeup to be fresh and and clean for summer, so I use a nice lip balm and some Anastasia eyebrow gel and I'm good to go. After being out in the sun for the day I like to hydrate with cocoa butter (for body) and Dr. Jart's Ceramidin Cream (for face). It's always great to do a good deep condition for the hair as well—Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is cheap, smells amazing and works great."


Yasmine Sima

"Summer means less pizza, pasta and Netflix! For fitness, I just started ballet again, and in terms of diet I swear by vitamins and trying to eat clean. I also follow dietitian Farah Fahad on Instagram for more healthy tips."

Yasmine's Summer Beauty Essential

"Wearing sunscreen is the best thing you can do for your skin—I always put on Neutrogena's ultra sheer liquid before I leave the house."


Cairo Dwek

"When I know I'll be spending the day in a bikini, I eat papaya and Special K cereal with rice milk for breakfast, a source of protein and some vegetables for lunch, and more protein plus quinoa for dinner—these foods are great for energy and prevent me from bloating. In terms of exercise, I’ll integrate 10-minute ab routines whenever I can to tone up, or go on long walks around my neighborhood."

Cairo's Summer Beauty Essentials

"I love Shiseido’s Urban Environment sunscreen as it's oil-free and gives SPF protection without feeling cakey. If I feel like I’ve gotten too much sun, I use Korres’ After Sun Greek Yoghurt Cooling Gel and Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. I try to wear the lightest daily makeup possible—right now I’m really loving Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer—and always make sure to remove all my makeup before I go to sleep."


Azizi Donnelly

"My mantra is to eat better and move more, and have fun with exercise! It doesn't have to be a drag—find things you enjoy doing. What works for me is on weekdays I go to the gym, take classes or do hot yoga, then on weekends I'll go for a hike or swim. I try to not eat out too much and cook my own meals as much as I can, then treat myself on weekends. You have to have balance!"

Azizi's Summer Beauty Essentials

"My number one thing is to always wear sunscreen! Water is really the key to success—I drink 2-4 liters a day and when I don't, I really notice the difference."