This Is Khloé Kardashian’s Go-To Workout

We don’t know about you, but we feel like we know Khloé Kardashian personally. Arguably the most outspoken of the Kardashian/Jenner brood, the reality star has been a staple on our televisions for more than a decade, and we feel like we’ve gone through multiple stages of life with her. The most recent chapter of Khloé’s life has definitely been the coolest and most inspiring to watch. In addition to launching an uber-successful denim line, Khloé also took on the role of mother. And while juggling them separately is a task in itself, juggling them simultaneously is downright praise-worthy.

Just when we thought her hands were full, the multi-hyphen woman decides to take on the super competitive world of activewear. Yep, Khloé and Good American co-founder Emma Grede launched a brand-spankin’ new performance line that’s pretty darn inclusive—we’re talking size runs of extra-small to 4X. “Moving into activewear was a natural next step for us,” says Khloé. “When we think about new categories, our biggest priority is to always provide women with wardrobe staples, giving them options to get them through their busy daily lives and that make them look and feel their best…We want women to know they can come to Good American for anything—denim, bodysuits, workout clothes—and that the fit will be just right.”

And, while activewear and painfully trendy athleisure are hot sectors right now from a business perspective, we believe Khloé’s skin in the game is much more personal. If you follow the reality star on Insta (or watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously like we do), you know being active and healthy are topics near and dear to her heart. “Fitness is all about mind, body and soul,” says Khloé. “It’s centering.”

These days, jaunts to the gym or impromptu workouts may be fewer and farther in-between, considering the reality star has added a baby girl the mix, but Khloé says she makes it work, even if it’s brief. “I can now really relate to other moms and see how challenging it is to find the time to dedicate to hitting the gym,” she says. “But for me, its just about setting realistic goals and then reaching those goals. That’s what keeps me motivated and helps me find the time (even a quick 20 minutes) for a daily workout.And with only 20 minutes or so to spare, you better believe Koko makes it count. “When I work out, I work out hard,” she explains. “I love circuit training and high intensity workouts, but for me just the time dedicated to working out is extremely beneficial from both a mental and physical perspective.”

That’s why, when it came down to constructing fitness apparel of her own, Khloé brought her own experience and needs into consideration. “It was important that Performance not only made us look and feel great, but was also very thoughtfully constructed to fit and perform,” she explained. “We’ve used top-quality performance fabrics so women are able to move in their activewear and never feel itchy or weighed down.” In fact, the star names the new line’s Crossback Icon Bra and Core Power Legging as some of her favorite pieces, mainly due to the fact that they’re super supportive and easy to move in. Alright, we see you, Good American.

If you’re in the market for a fresh workout ensemble, check out the pieces below. And we recommend acting fast as, with any Kardashian endeavor, these are bound to sell out.