This Is How Kate Hudson Stays In Shape, And It’s Surprisingly Simple

From her activewear line to a book that reveals her wellness secrets, it should come as no surprise that fitness is important to Kate Hudson. And in an interview with E! News, the actress admitted that maintaining a healthy physique comes with getting into the right state of mind. “You need to find what you love. It becomes more about shifting your brain focus to actually enjoy getting your body [in shape],” she said. Kate also added that a little bit of it is in the genes; for instance, she needs “to work on my butt all the time or else it falls.” Her exercise secret? Squats. Of course, nobody enjoys doing squats, and Kate understands that not all bodies are equal, so everyone has a different routine. But apparently that’s it—nothing special, just a bunch of squats here and there. Hey, we’ll give it a shot.