Is This Healthy Kitchen Gadget Worth The Expense?

Our friends at Goop recently alerted us to a new invention you’ll want to get in on, ASAP—the Juicero is an at-home cold-press juicer that will allow you to DIY your favorite pricey beverages with relatively little muss or fuss, and it’s sold in tandem with pre-made ingredient packs (raw and organic fruits and vegetables) you subscribe to for weekly delivery. Sounds like a dream, right?


The contraption’s price tag, however, is anything but—the Juicero comes in at a less-than-affordable $699, and the individual juice packs range from $4-$10. Assuming the average cold-pressed juice you’d buy is $10, we wanted to know if the Juicero would still save you money in the long run. So, we did something we haven’t had to do since high school or, in other words, basic math—here’s what we found:


If we assume an average of $7 per drink, and we assume you drink one per week, and we add in the cost of the machine divided by 52 weeks, the total spend comes out to $1063 per year. Compare this to simply purchasing one juice for $10 a week for a year, which comes out to $520, and you’re definitely not saving money using the Juicero. What if you drink 3 cold-pressed juices per week, however? That comes out to $1791 a year, while just buying 3 juices a week for a year comes out to $1560. So, you’re still not saving money. It about evens out if you drink 5 cold-pressed juices per week, which will cost you $2519 if you buy the Juicero or $2600 if you buy juices individually from a store.

These numbers aren’t totally accurate, however, as they add the cost of the machine into just one year of use, when in reality you should get many years out of it. If you subtract the cost of the machine, then, from this equation, you’re definitely saving money, which means eventually the machine will pay for itself. Our verdict? If you drink cold-pressed juice often, or aim to drink cold-pressed juice often, you should definitely put the Juicero at the top of your wishlist.