Instagram’s #MustFollow Yoga Stars

If you’re a super-talented (and photogenic) yoga expert whose travel schedule takes you regularly to far-flung islands, chances are you’ve got the makings of the next great Instagram star. Since our favorite pose is simply savasana, we’re not banking on that plan. But we do love to scroll through inspirational pics of glam yoginis—and even occasionally attempt our own inversions! Check out our 6 favorite bendy babes below.

This 22-year-old Australian athlete is a no-brainer. Her selfies are always packed with gorgeous sunsets and gravity-defying leaps and twists. The former pole vault champion taught herself yoga to combat chronic fatigue syndrome—and now inspires others to do the same by sweating every day against a beautiful backdrop. Plus, her active wardrobe is on point.


She travels the world leading retreats with her company Yoga for Bad People and teaches at celeb-favorite studio Yoga Shanti. Heather is basically living our dream. Follow this blonde for glimpses of island life—tree pose on the Montauk dunes, warrior one in Costa Rica—and occasional supermodel cameos.


Jacyn balances her jet-set lifestyle with lots and lots of yoga—and she chronicles it all on Insta. Look for crow pose on the bows of yachts plus yummy food shots and fantastic fitness fashion by the Hawaiian-born Wilhelmina model to inspire your next studio visit.


This Juilliard-based dancer turned her love of leaps and turns into a career on the mat—and we are ever grateful for her stunning, pretzel-pose portraits—all shot in unexpected spots around her hometown of New York City. Expect lots of photobombs by her adorable pup Sophie—and a killer athleisure wardrobe.


Each of her 15-second videos shows her moving into a different pose, often from a neutral position like table top or downward dog, making Kerri the perfect yogini to follow for beginners or at-home vinyasa enthusiasts. Plus, her setting is always a Florida beach, giving us major location envy.


This pint-sized LA yogi can twist her body into insane poses—giving us all a big reminder to stretch every. single. day. Plus, her ‘Seventies hippie style adds a dose of sunshine to our Insta feed. Talia often lets followers know when and where she’s teaching so if you’re in her neighborhood, you can take her classes!