The Exact Moves Victoria’s Secret Angels Do To Get In Shape

It’s that wonderful time of year again: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! While most of us aren’t prepping for a scantily clad strut down a majestic runway, we are interested in earning ourselves a toned bod (worthy of Angel wings) for the holiday party circuit. Enter two of our favorite Angels, Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver, who let us in on three moves they swear by to get in prime shape, and fast. “We both like to do a lot of weight training to really build our legs up and get a nice butt,” said Jasmine. “We do a lot of squats and booty kicks.” Josephine added, “Legs are so important, they’re such a sexy part of the body. Squatting with weights is really good for that.” We second that. Here, three effective moves the Angels rely on for a toned tummy, booty and hips. You can do this. Plus, stay tuned for more workouts from a few more of our favorite Angels in the coming weeks.

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Train Like An Angel

Squats With Dumbbells

For a booty like an Angel, stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, keeping your weight in your heels. With shoulders back, maintain a slight arch in your back with abdominals engaged, holding a dumbbell (15 -20 pounds is recommended). Begin your squat by lowering to 90 degrees, place the dumbbell on the floor and pulse about halfway back to your starting point, then back down to 90 degrees to pick up the dumbbell and return to standing. Repeat this 15 to 20 times for a total of three sets.

Abs And Obliques

For a chiseled midsection, start with a bench and lean with one arm bent to about 90 degrees and the other placed on your hip for balance. Position your body into a plank by squeezing your abs, butt and thighs to engage and stabilize the body. Keeping your shoulders back and legs straight, begin by lowering your hips to the ground and using the opposite side of your abs and obliques to lift your body back to center. Repeat this 15 to 20 times then switch to your opposite side for a total of three sets on each side.

Leg Lifts With Resistance Bands

To create shape and define your hips, start by placing a resistance band on your shins just slightly higher than your ankles. For balance, stabilize by holding onto a buddy (or if you're training solo, place a hand against a wall). Begin by putting your weight into your standing leg with abdominals tight and shoulders back. Lift your working leg to the side about 45 degrees, tap back in and repeat. Do this 15 to 20 times then switch to the opposite leg for a total of three sets on each leg.