Reduce Stress With These 6 Daily Habits

by The Zoe Report

We’re willing to bet that every one of you reading this could benefit from a little stress relief. Whether you’re working extra long days, dealing with a breakup, or suffering from news-overload (trust us, it’s a thing), we all have are own triggers, and unfortunately all that stress can wreak havoc on your overall wellbeing—from lack of much-needed sleep to lowered immunity. It’s all connected. But the good news is, some of the ways you can reduce stress are a lot simpler than you think. That said, we’re sharing six tried-and-true habits to practice daily in order to deal with life’s little curveballs. Namaste.


Stress Less


Get Some Exercise

Since many of us remain seated at a desk for the majority of our day, it's so important so move your body. Exercise released endorphins, which help you de-stress and unwind. Even a 20 minute walk, bike ride, or vinyasa works if you don't have time to get to the gym.


Practice Self Care

Whether it's a pre-bedtime soak or adding a few extra steps to your skincare routine, practice a little self-care to feel nurtured and more confident.


Connect With Loved Ones

Spend time with friends and family members with whom you have loving, healthy relationships—even if its just a phone call.


Eat Mindfully

Too much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods can cause a whole host of stresses to your body. Add more fruits and veggies and be mindful about what you're eating throughout the day. You'll function better mentally and physically.

Find Some Stillness

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: meditate! But seriously, the practice is proven to reduce stress and help you sleep more soundly.


Get Enough Sleep

The fact is, you're just not functioning your best if you haven't gotten adequate rest (7 to 9 hours). You'll wake up renewed, refreshed, and full of energy to start a new day.