PSA: Hershey’s Is Opening A Spa And There Is Chocolate Involved

We think we can all agree that this has been the ideal week for dreaming of escaping whatever specific world in which you live … for a variety of reasons. First, we had 2-for-1 tickets to Greece and now comes news that iconic chocolate brand Hershey’s is opening a spa next month. Though we were hoping this new venue, MeltSpa, involved treatments that would leave us absolutely drenched in melted chocolate—which is just an unnecessarily decadent dream and also a waste of good chocolate—it sadly (albeit, logically) does not. Some of the spa’s mostly traditional treatments, however, do involve chocolate to some extent, and we are living for the day when we get to try something called “the chocolate-dipped strawberry treatment” and/or a “whipped cocoa bath,” both of which sound pretty darn close to the most embarrassing fantasies we have of what life would be like if it were perfect. We, like Carrie Bradshaw, like to stress-eat Hershey’s kisses, so we think the simple fact that there will possibly be bowls of them lying around the spa is reason enough to preemptively rate this venue as a must-visit. Stay tuned for the inevitable first-person account of what it’s like to get a “chocolate fondue wrap,” which we will now spend the rest of the day trying to talk our boss into letting us “research.” MeltSpa opens on September 12.